Feud for Mark Henry

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  1. Mark Henry is scheduled to begin a feud with Sheamus soon. At one point, the feud was discussed for WrestleMania 29 before the undercard was redone.


  2. Did not enjoy their original feud,it seems they just want to pair him with other powerhouses. I think we see the best of Henry when he is with someone whos style is different i.e Punk and Bryan.
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    edit: I guess on the contrary we see the best of Sheamus when he's with a bigger guy^

    But stiil: :harvey:
  4. Fuck that. I'm only going to be happy if Henry goes over clean.
  5. Sheamus was supposed to turn orton heel.... Don't really like this idea
  6. Ugh, what a waste of Henry.
  7. So, Mark Henry goes over Ryback at Wrestlemania, so then Ryback jumps into the title picture as Henry takes on irrelevant Sheamus?

  8. It makes sense. WWE desperately wants people to care about Fella, and Henry is someone we all care about. In their minds this will help Fella get over. In reality Sheamus will either continue to get no reaction or maybe even get boo'd when facing Henry.
  9. I've never been a fan of Henry, for some reason I just find him dull and boring, hes a generic character who just doesn't entertain me. However I do like his theme music

  10. The idea sucks, Henry has better things to do than facing Sheamus... Shemus should turn heel with Orton
  11. Mark Henry should feud for the WWE Title at some point. He's an original opponent for Cena. They're already setting up Cena/Ryback for Extreme Rules (or possibly a triple threat) but they could always change it. There's still five Raws left to the PPV. Maybe Henry gets a title shot on Raw in a normal match. The match either ends in a DQ or a draw or whatever, and Henry takes out his frustrations by bear hugging and slamming Cena against the ring post and then smashing him through a table. Somehow, Henry gets a rematch at Extreme Rules and Cena has to go into the match with taped ribs or something, but manages to overcome Henry and defeat him. I'd personally rather have the first normal match on PPV and THEN the No DQ match at the second PPV since this feud could be stretched out over a couple of PPVs but Extreme Rules is the next one in line, so...

    And wouldn't Henry jumping into the title right now be the logical thing anyway? As mentioned, it's kind of odd for Henry to win a match at Wrestlemania and then have his opponent whom he defeated get to challenge for the world title while Henry drops down the card. Ryback has lost every major match he's been in - which by my count is seven - and is now fixing to lose another one. It's that kind of illogical booking that gets WWE laughed at by myself.
  13. To be honest, if Henry were to job cleanly to Cena, I'm glad he's not facing him. I would much rather see Henry go over Sheamus than see him be one of Cena's victims.
  14. Then who will be Cena's victims? He's gonna have the title for awhile so somebody has to lose to him. Sheamus will likely defeat Henry himself. Probably the reason they're gonna be paired up together.
  15. I highly doubt Sheamus -- who has no momentum atm -- is going over the guy who just beat Ryback cleanly at Wrestlemania. Clearly WWE want to protect Henry, which makes sense considering his gimmick, so I just do not see Sheamus going over. As for Cena's victims, you can easily elevate midcard heels to face him and do the job. WWE tend to do that anyway for the smaller PPV's. You don't take your biggest heel and shove him against Cena one PPV after Cena wins at Wrestlemania.
  16. I fully expect Sheamus to go over Henry. Why? #wwelogic

    WWE Logic: How can we get Sheamus over? He is CLEARLY awesome, we all see it.
    Voice of reason: He is OK I guess
    WWE Logic: WTF? gtfo the writers room asshole. Anyway, we give him strong wins. He cuts amazing promos, why isn't he connecting with the crowd?
    Voice of reason: He's just no Mark Henry, that's all.
    WWE Logic: MARK HENRY? Son, you finally said something worth saying. The people love Henry, right?
    Voice of reason: Yea no shit he is the fucking man
    WWE Logic: So what if...
    Voice of reason: Goddammmit I don't like where this is going
    WWE Logic: STFU AND ACCEPT WHAT WE GIVE YOU. What if we take Mark henry, who everyone loves, and JOB HIM OUT TO SHEAMUS!
    voice of reason: :harvey:
    Voice of reason: ::Chugs bottle of draino:: goodbye cruel world
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  17. Mark Henry is gonna face John Cena at some point, so whether anyone likes it or not, he's gonna do the job. I said "...should challenge for the WWE Title at some point" for a reason, because I realize the match doesn't have to be at Extreme Rules, but Henry being a strong heel and someone who Cena hasn't really faced yet, it's gonna happen eventually. I'd personally like it if Henry (later on down the road) defeated Cena and took the title and then put Cena on the shelf for two or three months. We all know that won't happen, but pretend. He got a good reign for a few months and then Cena comes back and wins the title in a daring effort. Or there's always the alternate idea I mentioned in my first post, do one match that ends in a draw or DQ and then have Cena win the next one. Henry is a worthy enough opponent to stretch it out over a couple of months.

    And I would personally expect Sheamus to go over. The fact that he has no momentum is likely the exact reason he's being paired up with Henry. I fail to see the point in Henry squashing a guy who has no momentum or fan support at the moment, if Sheamus is indeed a guy they still care anything about.
  18. No shit it's going to happen eventually... But after Henry has a ton of momentum and really is the biggest heel on RAW as well as SmackDown. To job him now after a few months of HoP and just going over Ryback would be the most pointless thing in the world, which is why your "Sheamus will likely defeat Henry himself" baffled me. Even by WWE's standards, I would be surprised if Henry lost clean to Sheamus.
  19. What?
    That would be stupid, I don't want anyone to feud with Sheamus, he should only feud with himself. He is very irrelevant to the point that he drags everyone he feuds with to irrelevancy. lol