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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Zach, Jan 20, 2013.

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  1. Swaggie vs Cesaro

    Mind you Cesaro is already months into his reign

    Cesaro is cutting a promo on Raw about how great he is and stuff, fresh off a title defense at a PPV, and while he is saying something in 5 languages, Jack Swaggie makes a surprise appearance and comes out and starts talking trash and shit and how theyre in america and English is the only language that matters here and shit like that. Cesaro says if he wants a match he can come to the ring and get one. Swagger gets in the ring and the argument continues going back until Booker interrupts and says that they will get their match on Smackdown that Friday. Cesaro tries to hit a cheap shot on Swaggie but he hits a Gutwrench powerbomb on Cesaro.

    Fast forward to Smackdown that week. Cesaro vs Swaggie. Swaggie is in control at the beginning of the match and then Cesaro starts mounting a comeback, hitting the flying uppercut and then eventually plants Swaggie with the Neutralizer, but he kicked out at two. Cesaro gets cocky and Swaggie counters back and sets up for the Gutwrench powerbomb but Cesaro comes out of nowhere to counter it into a second Neutralizer and gets the win.

    Monday night Swaggie has a match against somebody. Cesaro is on commentary. Swaggie dominates for most of the match. He hits the Gutwrench Powerbomb and gets the win and as he celebrates Cesaro hits him from behind and nails him with the Neutralizer and stands over his body.
    Next Friday night Cesaro has a quick jobber match and as he's getting ready to set up for the Neutralizer, Swaggie comes out and tries to ambush him but Cesaro gets away and heads backstage, getting the countout. Swaggie holds up the US title and talks trash and stuff.

    Monday, it's Swaggie vs Cesaro for the US title. Cesaro starts off hot and its back and forth offense from the two of them before action spills to the outside of the ring. Cesaro takes it to Swaggie, throwing him into the barricades and smashing his head on the apron of the ring. They get back into the ring and Swaggie starts taking control and locks in the ankle lock but Cesaro reaches the ropes in time. Cesaro starts mounting a comeback but Swaggie comes out of nowhere with a gutwrench powerbomb and it looks like the title is his but Aksana puts Cesaro's foot on the rope. Swaggie starts to yell at Aksana and Cesaro goes for the schoolboy rollup but Swaggie gets out of it and they start exchanging blows again. Cesaro hits the Neutralizer and gets the win.

    The next Friday night Swaggie is seen chillin backstage until he is attacked with a chair by Cesaro. Swaggie is being checked out and Cole gives an update that Swaggie wont be available for the title match the weekend after that one for the US title match against Cesaro at the PPV. Cesaro is having an interview backstage and seems pretty happy, but Booker T isn't having it. He says that the following Friday night, he will be having a title defense against {facewrestler.php}.

    Next Friday Cesaro faces face wrestler man and it's a pretty back and forth match which Cesaro ends up winning. As he's celebrating, Jack Swaggie's theme hits and he comes out lookin fashionista-ish in his suit and tie. He announces that he will in fact be back for the PPV and Booker T told him that the match will be a Falls Count Anywhere match as well. Cesaro seems kind of worried and tries to play it off anyways.

    Sunday night is the PPV. Swaggie vs Cesaro is a Falls count anywhere match for the US Title. They start out and Swaggie quickly takes control and throws Cesaro out of the ring as he's giving it to Cesaro, Aksana gets in his face and slaps him, causing her to be ejected but giving Cesaro enough time to recover as he takes Swaggie and throws him into the stands. They start brawling in the stands and eventually it leads to backstage where they are fighting back and forth. Cesaro beats Swaggie down and starts humilating him by throwing trash all over him and starts saying "trash" in five different languages. After he's had his fun he starts beating Swaggie down again and it looks done for Swaggie at this point. Swaggie mounts a comeback but is stopped by Cesaro. It seems like Cesaro is just toying with him at this point and as Swagger mounts offense he just hits him down and stops him. They eventually get on the stage and Cesaro goes to finish Swaggie off by hitting a Neutralizer on the steel stage, but as he goes for it Swaggie flips him over his back and starts mounting offense. They get closer to the ring and Swaggie throws him back in the ring and starts going to work on Cesaro. Swaggie goes for the ankle lock but Cesaro gets out of it and starts getting in control of Swaggie. They go out of the ring again and Cesaro sets up for the Neutralizer again outside the ring, but Swaggie slips out and connects with a boot to the chest and out of nowhere hits a gutwrench powerbomb onto the announce table, causing it to break. He goes for the pin and wins the United States championship.

  2. I would keep all this to WM , aksana wont be involve ..
  3. Swagger vs Cesaro does sound like a good feud, I'd book it. Nothing much to it really, american patriot vs evil foreigner.
  4. Wow you really broke it down bit by bit. I like the idea of Cesaro going up against Swagger, but for that I would like to see Swagger get a little bit better on the mic first because that rivalry is going to need some promos to make it work, and some good promos. Cesaro is already at the level that people need him to be for that rivalry, but Swagger not so much. I like the idea of that rivalry though, just not sure if it can be as great as it should be right now. When Swagger returns to Smackdown or Raw we'll see how good he is.
  5. Um where the hell is swagger anyway? You sure he's not dead?

    ~Three Said That~
  6. He's been off air recently, I think they might be repackaging him.
  7. I think lots of people had this idea. I discussed this idea with Stop as well I believe, lol.
  8. Well sorry, fagtop. :pity1:
  9. :pity1: :idontcare:
  10. The matches would be nice, but Swagger is pretty lame on the mic. I don't see it being a very exciting feud aside from the couple of matches they'll have.
  11. Swagger needs a guy like Heyman to be his mouth piece. If/when he breaks off from Punk, he could really help Swaggers career.
  12. What about Flair? Heyman is a heel manager.
  13. Sure, someone of that ilk.
  14. I would be happy to see Swaggie back tbh, he will great as a face imo..

    A feud with Cesaro? I like the idea, but as rgbnba said I think it would be best to keep this feud for Mania.
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