Feud of the Year

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Brad., Dec 5, 2013.

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  1. In terms of both build and quality of match, Undertaker v Punk was the best, imo. Del Rio v Ziggler was decent. For a mid-card feud, Rhodes v Sandow was really good, but should have gone on longer.

    What's been your favourite feud in 2013?
  2. Bryan Orton
  3. Ha, good one!
  4. Cena vs. Bryan.
  5. Rock vs Punk oddly enough has to be up there for me, the matches were solid but the promos were very very very good and Punk looked like a star throughout. I'm a fanboy sure but those two months were better than the much beloved Mania "feud" although that had the better match.
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  6. There was too many cheesy, patronising Cena promos about what it means to be champion.
  7. Roode vs Angle
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  8. Punk/Lesnar is the only one that really stands out-- at least in terms of being booked well from start to finish.

    Ziggler/Del Rio would have been great if the sympathetic babyface eventually overcame the odds like he fucking should have.
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  9. I retract my previous statement in saying Bryan/Cena was my feud of the year. Forgot how good Lesnar/Punk was.
  10. Ryback vs. John Cena
  11. Is it just me who thinks they went wrong with Del Rio straight away, I always imagined him in a Bo Dallas role. Make him act like the cheesiest whitemeat babyface there has ever been he keeps on acting like the hero but he shows minor heel moments such as cheap shots from RR and the like. He doesn't work as a typical heel as there's no reason to hate him, he's proud of being Spanish and rich wasn't that why we were supposed to like him just months prior?
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  12. That was my thought for his heel character as well, and it almost seemed like they would go that way but WWE never does anything right for ADR character wise.
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  13. I' ve ALWAYS hated Del Rio, and not just because I'm a racist ****. Because he's so boring and got so stale so quick.
  14. Part of it is the E and part falls on Rio IMO, he has the fundamentals to be a major player but there's no wow factor from. It's similar to the Billy Gunn situation in 99 it should all fall naturally but doesn't. Even his most over time during his feud with Show was more down to Ricardo gaining sympathy from what I remember.
  15. What a gent, care to join my club? We have a mascot who catches grenades.

    I agree he has no special factor to him just a ton of ability in everything else IMO.
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  16. I'd go with Punk vs Lesnar.
  17. I would like to sit here and pretend Del Rio is faultless but I can't. I still enjoy him but he doesn't register with most fans for some reasons beyond his booking, obviously.

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  18. I love Del Rio in the ring.......that's about it.
  19. I don't see why they split ADR and RR. Always enjoyed RR's shenanigans and him announcing ADR during his entrance. There's was no reason to do it too, the only thing I can think of is that they want to punish RR for something by keeping him off TV, but it has damaged ADR the most.
  20. I'm running my own sorta thing, a town in Georgia called Woodburry. Maybe you've heard of it?

    I honestly fear that he will end up being a top babyface or top heel someday where he'll be considered "legendary" after he retires
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