Feuds That Grew Out Of Other Feuds

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by WarMachine, Apr 10, 2014.

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  1. I was watching some clips from 1992 and thought of this topic. When I say "feud" I don't just mean a series of matches; but also the trash talking segments, promos, and anything else a feud consists of, even if the "feud" may only have been one match.

    Jake The Snake Roberts had been feuding with Macho Man Randy Savage ever since Jake and Undertaker put a poisonous king cobra in Macho Man and Elizabeth's wedding present at SummerSlam '91. In early '92 they were still feuding, and after one of their matches on Saturday Night's Main Event Jake, who had left ringside first, was in the back behind the curtain about to whack Elizabeth with a chair when she came through the curtain. But just as Elizabeth was about to come through, The Undertaker grabbed the chair and saved Elizabeth, letting her and Macho Man pass through. This spawned a feud between Jake and Undertaker, which lead to their match at WrestleMania VIII (where Jake was victim #2 to Taker's undefeated WrestleMania streak.)

    The Undertaker has had several feuds that grew out of each other, one followed in succession. In late 1992 The Undertaker was feuding with Kamala, who was managed by Dr. Harvey Wippleman. The feud ended when Taker beat Kamala in a Casket match at the 1992 Survivor Series. Ever since then, Wippleman vowed to get back at Taker; and a couple of months later at the 1993 Royal Rumble Wippleman's new man Giant Gonzales attacked The Undertaker, setting off their feud (in which Gonzales was victim #3) for most of 1993, climaxing in a Rest In Peace Match at that year's SummerSlam.

    Another incident where this happened with Taker was with all the guys Ted DiBiase sent after him. The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase had originally brought The Undertaker to the WWF in 1990; and after Undertaker was placed in the casket at the 1994 Royal Rumble DiBiase produced his fake Undertaker, which then had a (horrible) match with the real Undertaker at that year's SummerSlam. At the 1995 Royal Rumble, DiBiase sent his former Money Inc. tag team partner Iwrin R. Schyster to have a match with The Undertaker, and King Kong Bundy (also managed by DiBiase at the time) interfered in that match. This led to Bundy vs Undertaker at WrestleMania XI (where Bundy was streak victim #4.) But interfering in that match was another DiBiase guy, "The Supreme Fighting Machine" Kama, who stole the urn and melted it into a gold chain. This lead to a Casket Match between Undertaker and Kama at 1995's SummerSlam. That was all one guy Taker feuded with after another, all stemming from each other, and all linked to the same cause of DiBiase getting revenge.

    Also at SummerSlam '95 was Bret Hitman Hart against Dr. Isaac Yankem D.D.S. (of course the future Kane,) whose character was the personal dentist of Jerry "The King" Lawler, who had been feuding with Bret since the 1993 King of the Ring. Thus that was another feud that grew out of a prior feud.

    Another feud Bret Hart was involved in that spawned another one to branch off of it was his feud with Stone Cold Steve Austin. Bret and Austin had been feuding for most of late 1996 (the 1996 Survivor Series was still the best match between them in my eyes) and early 1997, and during the course of it Bret and his brother Owen Hart had reconciled and reformed the Hart Foundation with other allies. At the In Your House: Canadian Stampede, Austin and his partners (Legion of Doom, Ken Shamrock, and Goldust) fought the Hart Foundation; and Owen (who was Intercontinental Champion) pinned Austin in that match. Owen then, being a great heel, bragged about how he was the one who pinned Austin; which lead to an Austin vs Owen feud over the WWF Intercontinental Title, including at that year's SummerSlam that had Austin's unfortunate injury.

    Owen got himself in another feud that stemmed from a long term feud of his brother Bret's. Bret and Shawn Michaels had been feuding (legit and show) for a loooong time, really going back to their tag team days; and climaxing at the infamous 1997 Survivor Series screw job. But the feud evolved into The Hart Foundation vs DeGeneration X, as every member of those groups got involved. At the In Your House: DeGeneration X pay per view that December, Owen leaped the barricade and attacked Shawn. This lead to a European Title feud between Owen Hart and DX member Hunter Hearst Helmsley, including at WrestleMania XIV. By extension, since Owen joined the Nation Of Domination just after, it can be said that the Triple H vs Rock feud (and by default DX vs The Nation feud) grew out of that.

    Getting back to Taker and tying in DX members, his feud with Shawn Michaels (both streak victim #'s 17 & 18) gave rebirth to his old feud with Hunter (streak victim #19 & 20... [and #9,]) as Hunter wanted to stick up for his old friend after Taker had ended Shawn's career.

    I could probably go on but I'll leave it here. I'm anxious to see both what people's thoughts on these feuds are and what feuds they can think of that grew out of prior feuds.
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