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  1. What are some feuds that haven't gone down that you'd like to see out of the wrestlers currently on TNA's roster?

    For me:

    Aries/Styles- nuf said
    Aries/Bully Ray- Aries seems like basically a tweener now, and could become a full fledged face any time now. He's certainly over. They laid the groundwork for the feud last week when Bully ruined the 4 way match Aries was in
    MCMGs/Joe&Magnus- I think we will get this feud once Sabin returns, which should be sometime soon since they started promoting it last week
    Daniels/Hardy- Daniels on the mic digging in on Hardy would be hilarious, and they could put on some great matches
    Devon/Kid Kash- random thought, but I'd really just like to see them put the TV Title to use like a mid card belt should be used, and Kid Kash is a personal favorite of mine. Devon is over, and Kash is a great worker and good heel.
    Crimson/James Storm- I'm digging heel Crimson, and at some point down the line I think these two will cross paths and it should make for a great feud.
  2. Aries vs Roode - Say what you want but face Aries vs Heel Roode could be great for the world title some time in 2013, they can both talk and in ring it could be great as an underdog style match with Aries.

    Storm vs Anderson - Turn Ken heel and let them at it, Storm could carry the matches and heel Anderson is freaking incredible on the mic, it could be TNA's Austin / Rock if booked correctly.

    Gail Kim vs Sarita - The two best female workers turn Sarita face as she's a great face worker and make it for the title.

    ODB vs Mickie James - Turn ODB heel and have these two feud for the number 1 contendership for the knockouts title.

    Pope vs Douglas Williams - Pope is still not at that level yet were he's good enough in ring imo so put him with the best wrestler you have let them work TV tapings, house shows and PPVs so Pope can learn from Doug.
  3. Crimson and Bully Ray, microphone wars.
    Kurt Angle/Gunner and Magnus/Joe.
  4. Aries/Styles - Dream feud for me.
  5. Then going out of buildness storyline!
  6. As a wrestling fan you should want TNA to do well. If WWE has competition, it forces them to step their game up. If TNA went out of business (aka the closest thing WWE has to competition) it would mean WWE would be even lazier and lackadaisical then they already are.

    It's similar to EA Sports having the NFL Exclusive license. If Madden still had NFL 2K's competition, the game wouldn't suck as bad as it does year after year after year. Competition is great for the fans. Simple concept
  7. Seabs he user bad word and broken the rule!!!!!!!!! I did not think of it that way? But I don't like TNA I watch same of it in 2007 and it SUCK BADDLY! And from what I been hearing it still suck so I don't care! As for Madden IT STILL A GREAT GAME! And it was ALWAY better then NFL 2K! Don't why u would think it is not?
  8. Randy, TNA has been decent over all this past year you should give it a try if for nothing else Austin Aries. He's one of the best things in wrestling currently imo.
  9. Madden is okay, but it was best when it was still trying to be innovative back in 2002-2005 time frame when 2k was putting out a game because they couldn't just put out the same game every year with a roster update because they had competition. I never played 2K but the fact that they put out a game still benefited me as a Madden player.
  10. If there's any bad time to introduce a WWE fan to TNA it's now.

    Randy, I watched a few of your videos and you're like the majrority here (including us), unhappy with the WWE product, or at least pissed off at how things can be better but they refuse to do so, right? If TNA was as big as WCW was and there was a legitimate ratings war between WWE and TNA, WWE would be SO much better.

    At the moment, TNA does suck. Before this clustercrap happened recently, TNA was the best show to watch (not including other promotions). It was great, seriously, an 8/10 show at some points. When was the last time we said that about RAW?
  11. July 2011! I watch WCW has create of storyline so I watch as well as ECW! B/c that book even that they never pull young guy that still were running goos show and mad WWE work for everything that got. But as for TNA that sotryline are holisable! That got some good wrestling like RVD and Kurt A. but it the show I don't like booking not going anywere. I not going to watch that has know way a going to someway WWE has that as bad as there are thes days that do. Were TNA does and will NEVER will have it!
  12. TNA isn't nearly as bad as you say Crayo, and seeing as you are on strike you can't really give an accurate portrayal. Hogan hogging spotlight sucks, sure. The Bischoff family feud is trash, sure. But the Storm/Roode build and the match that will come with it is fucking amazing, as are Bully Ray and Aries. The Guns are coming back next week, and I will go ahead and jump to the conclusion that they'll feud with Joe & Magnus for the titles, which will be sweet. Morgan/Crimson is another angle that I find entertaining. Oh and not to mention Angle/Hardy are going to be wrestling in a freaking cage match in 2 weeks. Who doesn't want to see that shit??
  13. Excited for Roode vs Storm, but feel like I've seen this match 50 times since I started watching TNA again months back, so not as excited as I could be. Angle/Jeff I'm excited for, they arguably had MOTN at Victory Road. I'm a fan of that feud. Hogans and Bischoff's fuck sucks completely ruins all the above so we're back to square one. Morgan/Crimson feud does nothing for me personally. I'm a fan of Joe & Magnus.
  14. Angle's injured bro. I don't like the "Sheamus-booking" of Storm and Roode has no credibility as champion (although we know that match is going to be unbelievable) and there's just way too much trash bogging down the product to even respect it right now, despite Austin Aries's best efforts to save it.

    Btw, anyone who hasn't watched TNA in years and still thinks it sucks, I'll PM them a link to that epic March 1 episode.
  15. I doubt Kurt Angle gives a fuck about injuries. He won the gold medal with a broken freekin neck
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