Games FFVII Remake?!?!? I've already creamed my pants!

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  1. Wasn't planning in getting a PS4, but now I don't have a choice.
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  2. I've wanted a PS4, this just makes me want it even more. That sounds like David Lodge doing the narration. If he's doing a voice in the game, that's even better. I love his voice.
  3. It's a timed exclusive lol. I may pick it up someday.
  4. I'm really weary of this to be honest. Happy that it's finally happening but still very weary.

    Are they going to change anything at all about the game? In my opinion it should be just a straight up remake, completely faithful to the original just with the redone, updated graphics. No story line changes, no new enemies, no reworking of the combat or materia system, no new allies. Just a straight up remake.

    If they want to make a new chapter to be played completely separate from the original game then that would be cool... but keep the original game as is because it was perfect.

    I'll wait until it comes out and reviews are released, maybe watch a video play through before getting it myself.
  5. I'm sure they'll add stuff to it. Imagine what they can do with the golden saucer now. All the mini games they could add. I agree the story should stay the same, but why not use the advanced technology to add to it for the better. A couple more "weapons" wouldn't hurt either. The only thing I'm pretty sure they'll do that I won't be a huge fan of is make the battle system active and not turn based. Can't win em all I suppose. However, they better still include materia and the ability to add it to the weapons/armour.
  6. I agree with the Golden Saucer being expanded on.. doing something like what they did for the FFXIV patch would be nice, adding a card game arena, spacing out the arcade games, and making the chocobo racing/betting more in depth.

    As I said, if they want to make a stand-alone chapter that is played separately that would be great, it could be where they possible add Sapphire Weapon and Diamond Weapon or whatever.. But I'd still like the game itself to just have Ruby and Emerald as it does.

    I hope some of the smaller characters remain the same as well, such as Bugenhagen.. I hope they let him float around again, I know it sounds insignificant but I loved his character.

    I just have this feeling that a bunch of game mechanics will be changed, from the combat system, to chocobo breeding, to materia. I hope I'm completely wrong though.
  7. Just chuckled to myself thinking of a photo-realistic Red trying to walk on his hind legs on the boat across to Costa Del Sol. That's gonna be great.
  8. inb4 Aerith doesn't die.
  9. inb4 Sephiroth fight is DLC.
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  10. [​IMG]
  11. lol, that's the way games are heading.
  12. I refuse to listen to this hullabaloo! Good day sir! :aries:
  13. Good interview with director Tetsuya Nomura

    Some highlights for the TLDRs:

    Looks like it'll be an active battle system, pity. :sad1:
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