FIELD OF HONOR is Saturday Night in Brooklyn!

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  1. Sat, August 22nd, 2015 - MCU Park - Brooklyn, NY 7:30pm
    Last year, Ring of Honor Wrestling debuted at MCU Park in Brooklyn, NY for the inaugural Field of Honor event. The night was filled with the stars of ROH and the best professional wrestling on the planet! Ring of Honor Wrestling will return to Brooklyn on Saturday, August 22nd, 2015 to present FIELD OF HONOR ’15 at MCU Park in Brooklyn, NY. This year, stars from NJPW will be joining us for even more incredible action!

    “Wrestling has a rich history at ballparks dating back almost a hundred years and we are excited to return to MCU Park, to celebrate that history by partnering with the Brooklyn Cyclones,” said Joe Koff, COO of Ring of Honor.

    Tickets for this event are be on sale now and can be purchased by clicking HERE!
    Tickets also available by phone at 718-507-TIXX or in person at the MCU Park Box Office.

    The greatest tag team in Ring of Honor history faces the team that has set the tone for high-flying action in NJPW when Mark and Jay Briscoe take on Alex Shelley and KUSHIDA.

    ROH fans last saw Time Splitters at Final Battle last December, when they came within an eyelash of capturing the ROH World Tag Team Championship from reDRagon. Since then, after great success during the War of the Worlds/Global Wars tour, KUSHIDA has gone on to win the prestigious Best of the Super Juniors Tournament. The sky’s the limit for the KUSHIDA!

    Alex Shelley has a long history in ROH, from his days as the leader of “Generation Next” to his time in the “Embassy,” but the team of Time Splitters has showcased Shelley’s efforts. The former NJPW Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champions look to gain championship traction in both New Japan and Ring of Honor and win at Field of Honor ’15 would make that a reality.

    The championship legacy of the Briscoes is unparalleled in Professional Wresting today as Mark and Jay are the 8-time former ROH World Tag Team Champions. They have set the standard by which all tag teams today are measured and in the wake of Jay’s recent defeat at “Best in the World”, a win at Field of Honor ’15 against a top-rated global tag team like Time Splitters is the goal for “Dem Boys”!

    It's RAINMAKER vs. MR. ROH! Both men have carved out legendary careers, earning the top prizes in their respective companies and displaying the endurance and fortitude to win matches in high-pressure situations time after time. Just look at what each man has accomplished:

    Roderick Strong is one of two men to have earned the right to be called a “Triple Crown Winner” in Ring of Honor, having held the ROH World Championship, ROH World Television Championship and the ROH World Tag Team Championship. Strong walked into “Best in the World” holding one of the best won/lost records in ROH in 2015 and defeated Moose and “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin to become the #1 Contender for the ROH World Championship. And on August 21, he gets his rematch against Jay Lethal and the chance to regain the World Championship.

    Meanwhile, Okada is now a 3 time IWGP Heavyweight Champion. He is a two-time G1 Climax Tournament winner. In fact , Okada will come into Field of Honor fresh off competing in his 4th G1 Climax tournament. Okada will need to be as healthy as possible coming into this battle with Strong. He will be facing one of the hottest wrestlers today, one that is hungry and looking for every opportunity to prove he is the very best. This dream match is one that will leave the world talking!

    ROH Matchmaker Nigel McGuinness’ mission of making this a once in a lifetime event continues. Jay Lethal is backing up his claim to be the best first generation wrestler. He is the first competitor in ROH history to hold two individual championships at the same time. His tag team partner is no stranger to championship glory. Shinsuke Nakamura is a 3x time former IWGP Heavyweight Champion, 4x IWGP Intercontinental Champion and a former IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Champion.

    reDRagon are also no strangers to holding gold. Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly have held the ROH World Tag Team Championships 3 times, as well as being the current IWGP Jr Heavyweight Tag Team Champions. The duo have proven themselves to be one of the greatest tag teams not only in ROH history but in all of professional wrestling. They also BOTH have championship opportunities against Lethal lined up for ALL STAR EXTRAVAGANZA in San Antonio!
    Kyle O’Reilly has a history with Jay Lethal that eats at the champion. Kyle holds a submission victory over him in a Champions Challenge match and took Lethal to a time limit on another occasion. Whispers of Lethal not being able to defeat O’Reilly have started to seep into the psyche of the champion and he doesn’t like it. Nakamura and Fish do not have history, but their unique personalities and hard hitting styles draw a lot of comparisons.

    Truth Martini will have his dream pairing ready! He will be looking to prove that Lethal is the best as he claims. Can the off the charts charismatic Nakamura and the at times pompous Lethal get along? Does reDRagon have the edge because they are a consistent tag team? Do not miss out on this potentially once in a lifetime match up. Be there in person to witness history!
    “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin rededicated himself after an up and down 2014, which saw him achieve his dream of winning the ROH World Championship and then lose it a few months later. He struggled with personal issues that affected his career. Those issues shrouded him in controversy for the remainder of 2014. A rejuvenated and focused Elgin stormed into 2015 with a "take no prisoners attitude." He dedicated himself to getting an invitation to the G1 Climax and did exactly that! Now he is taking New Japan Pro Wrestling by storm and turning heads with his impressive arsenal.
    Hirooki Goto will be making his Ring of Honor debut the night before Field of Honor in Philadelphia. The 2x IWGP Intercontinental Champion has an impressive resume that includes multiple major championships in New Japan Pro Wrestling. He currently holds the prestigious IWGP Intercontinental Championship and is second in the history books for having the longest reign as champion. Goto will be looking to impress the fans of Ring of Honor in Brooklyn and a win over a former ROH World Champion is a great place to start.

    War Machine, Raymond Rowe & Hanson, will finally get their much talked about rematch with Pro Wrestling Noah GHC Tag Team Champions & NWA World Tag Team Champions, The Killer Elite Squad: Davey Boy Smith Jr. & Lance Archer.

    The issues with War Machine and K.E.S. date back to Michael Elgin bringing in the K.E.S. in to destroy War Machine this past April. The highly anticipated match between saw destruction, chaos and was as hard hitting as speculated. The two teams brought enough carnage that night that the referee had to declare the match a 'no contest.'

    The K.E.S. and War Machine have unfinished business. This match will not feature glitz or glamour. This will not be about trading holds and trying to outdo each other. This match will be pure unadulterated violence and brutality. This will be about one team trying to win a war! War Machine still covets a chance at the GHC Tag Team Championships. K.E.S. are tired of hearing fans bring up War Machine! They are tired of hearing the comparisons and are looking to end it in Brooklyn
    Both of these athletes are unapologetically arrogant and unabashedly confident, which is exactly how this match got made in the first place! This match was signed based on Daniels attacking Adam Cole on Twitter. The issue stems from Cole teaming with former Future Shock tag team partner Kyle O’Reilly on Ring of Honor Television and the duo upsetting The Addiction in a non-title match.

    Daniels believes that Cole should not be bragging about a “tainted” victory and wants revenge. Cole says that Daniels initiated the issue when he stuck his nose into business that was not his. The war of words was intense and now both men agreed via social media that they should settle this August 22 in Brooklyn at Field of Honor.

    In NJPW, fans have watched The Kingdom align with CHAOS (featuring RPG Vice) to battle the Bullet Club. Now that rivalry adds a new chapter at FIELD OF HONOR! American fans who jeer The Kingdom in ROH might be shocked to learn that in Japan, quite the opposite is true. Meanwhile, fans in the United States can't get enough of the Bullet Club! There is no doubt the crowd in Brooklyn will be red hot for this match!

    And on top of the CHAOS/Kingdom/Bullet Club rivalry, ROH has added ACH and Matt Sydal into the mix! They are one of the newer alliances in ROH, but they have already proven they have the potential to win gold - and sooner rather than later! There is absolutely no doubt that Ring of Honor has the best tag team division on the planet, and matches like this one showcase just how stacked it is. This is guaranteed to be a non-stop, chaotic spectacle that you will never forget!

    We already know that Jay Lethal is scheduled to defend his TV Championship against Bobby Fish on September 18th at the first night of ALL STAR EXTRAVAGANZA. But we can now confirm that the TV Championship will ALSO be defended the second night of ALL STAR EXTRAVAGANZA on September 19th! And we will learn who that challenger will be at FIELD OF HONOR! Just signed...a GAUNTLET MATCH for an ROH World Television Championship opportunity!

    Here are the participants in this massive Gauntlet Match:

    Only one of these eight ROH stars will survive the Gauntlet. The first two entrants will wrestle until we have a winner, at which point the next combatant hits the ring! And there is no way to fully prepare as none of these athletes will know who they will have to face until the match is underway! Be there LIVE at FIELD OF HONOR for this and many more huge matches.


    Saturday, August 22nd, 2015
    1904 Surf Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11224
    Gates open 6pm - 7:30pm Bell Time

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