Fifa 13 voice reactive thing

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Rysenberg, Aug 2, 2012.

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    This looks fucking awesome!
  2. Finally having a kinect looks like it's worth something.
  3. Wish they spent more time fixing the retarded impact engine rather than adding the most pointless feature in the world. Fifa 12 is possibly the most broken game they've ever released.
  4. It's not pointless :emoji_hushed:
  5. I wonder if Suarez and JT have their own editions of this :hmm:
  6. It so is. Hardly anyone makes in-game strategy changes unless it's a really competitive (IE tournament online for money) matches. Their impact engine is so broken. Just google "Fifa 12 funnies" and you'll see a ton of videos with stupid failures. The game is literally broken. Your players fall over each other, your player often does something you didn't ask it to do, the penalties are wrong 99% of the time (first time in Fifa, normally it's right every time like the offside rule), players you're not controlling often give penalties away. The ref gets in the way from shots constantly. Trust me -- broken game.
  7. Oh not denying it's a shit game - hardly played it at all compared to the last 3 in the series due to crap ref decisions and annoying defending. But still, the feature is awesome :yay:
  8. I would only use it to constantly abuse the ref if it's the same impact engine as Fifa 12. I get so mad lmfao. I remember one game I was just constantly trying to slide tackle the ref for being a dick.

    Just gonna post loads of fifa 12 funnies from KSI because he's fucking hilarious as he just rips the shit out of EA.


    This one is hilarious

    Probably the best to outline the flawed Fifa




    Makes you sick right?

    And possibly my all time favourite:

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  9. Oh my god I'm tears of laughter. That shit is hilarious :lol1:

    Need to send them my clip of Ched Evans (of all people) raping my keeper.
  10. Lmao there's more too. EA hate him haha.
  11. lol this.

    and from what i've seen 13 looks like more of the same.

    this will be cool the first couple of times you go all Samuel L on the ref, but it's a bells and whistles feature; nobody will care about it 2 weeks after release and it will probably become a nuisance somehow
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