FIFA 14 Breakdown

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  1. If you look behind the hysterics of KSI, he has a point. FIFA 14 on the current generation of consoles looks terrible; minimal changes and nothing new to look forward to. It might be different with the new generation of consoles due to the change of engine which opens so many more possibilities (no shitty errors, good realistic graphics, etc.), but I am not impressed by the trailer at least. I'll judge it on the demo, and then the game, but FIFA - like WWE - is lacking any serious competition.

    KSI has it spot on that FIFA really had to revolutionise their game to overtake PES who were making great football games at the time. FIFA put far too much effort into monetising the most popular sports game mode in the world - Ultimate Team. More effort needs to be put on the fundamentals of FIFA which made it so successful in the first place. That's my mini-rant over with.
  2. The accent caught me off guard. But yea, I agree. I used to be a big time Fifa fan when I had Fifa '06 for PS2. I rented Fifa '13 a year ago, and it wasn't as great as I expected it to be. I returned it after a week.
  3. While I heavily dislike KSI nowadays; he makes good points.

    FIFA has declined in its speed of growth, and now focuses on making money with Ultimate Team.

    BUT; PES is actually a great game, not that anyone gives it the time of fucking day. And if anyone was to keep up with PES hype, PES 14 will most likely be it's true comeback year! To me PES 13 was an amazing game but people are too fickle.

    PES 13 may not be PES 5 or 6, but it is most certainly a jobber to FIFA, I like both games equally, but might I add they both need major improvements next year. PES already announced a new game engine <3

    PES > FIFA
  4. Sorry, but I disagree. PES is still so God awful, and that's even comparing it to an awful FIFA series atm. PES is in no way better than FIFA. Worse game modes, not as many game modes, worse game play, more errors than FIFA which takes doing. PES is the reason why we all complain that there is no competition out there, lmao.

    The fact you say PES isn't as good as it was 6 years ago says a lot dude...
  5. EA is lazy as fuck. They barely make any changes to any of their games from year to year.

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  7. That gif would apply if I was largely in the minority... lol
  8. PES with Colliniea (bald badass ref) > all
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  9. PES 3 <3
    That game still rapes FIFA 13 somehow.

    I actually go back and play it on the PS2 a lot with my Man United Master League save.
  10. Its EA it'll be same old. Its the reason I stopped buying Fifa and Madden each year and just update every now and then.

    They werent voted worst company two years running without reason they have become a bloated company with cares for one thing money. Unfortunately they are always gonna get it so we will get this a lot minor improvements and an overhaul every few years.
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