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  1. Hey guys how is everyone?

    Just thought I'd pop in and give this a mention throughout this place. Does anyone play any FIFA or online Ultimate team? I am planning myself to host and run a world cup/tournament like FIFA game online in the next few weeks. I intend to have a PS3 and an XBOX league and run it in groups of 4, with a winner and a runner up earning themselves some sort of financial reward.

    If anyone is interested, dont be shy to PM me or reply in this thread. Obviously some of you may have concerns which is absolutely fine, ill explain rules and how things will work even more.

    Anyone very interested, send me a PM and ill give you my Skype details, Thanks.
  2. @Crayo

    I know we have 4 or 5 who would be down for the XBOX bracket.

    edit, holy fuck, that may be my first successful tag ever!
  3. Tags don't work atm Dolph's, how ironic lmao.

    I'd be down for this. What's the financial award? We all know it's coming to me.
  4. Just heard from Jonathan that it's a £10 entry fee. Lolnothanks.
  5. Actually, £120 winner though... Apparently... I'm tempted.
  6. Entry fee? Seems sketch
  7. Sorry but I'm not paying £10 to get whooped by Crayo.
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  8. £10 entry, world cup format. XBOX and PS3 league seperately depending on volume of players. £75 for the winner, £25 runner up. Might run a free league at some point to, but obviously there would be no prize for that one.

    There would be certain rules, if someone scores an early goal they can't then pass it round the back 4 for 90 minutes. No fixing and so on things like that.
  9. I already spent this week's milk money on this new fancy group. I'll have to pass for now man.
  10. lol, this too.
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  11. Have to ask this though, how would you prove if you won? Say I beat someone 3-0, and I said I won, how would you know? With Virgin it's automatic and integrated with EA etc.
  12. Good question, I was thinking some sort of picture proof of the final score that can be quickly uploaded via Phone etc. Generally speaking I think I could trust most people to confirm final scores between them. I'd expect people to send the final scores in from there games.
  13. Hmm get back to me nearer the time. If there's quite a few there, I don't mind putting in £10 and dishing out some ass whoopings. :rock:

    What's the rules on what teams you pick? Is it just any teams?

    Got Brazil nailed down yo'.
  14. I was thinking along the lines of if you use Brazil you have to find a team to play on the same star rating as them and if that doesn't work out, then for example you are say Arsenal? The other person has to be a team from the 'top league' in the world. So they could be Barca in Spain, Milan in Italy etc - so it's not ending up with issues like Barcalona vs Accrington Stanley.
  15. Accrington are pretty dope tbf.
  16. Yeah I say ban Accrington. Far too good.

    I think it'd be their fault for choosing a shit team if I was obviously going to be Brazil lol. I'm not sure who goes "Yeah this guy is Brazil. Think I'll choose Sheffield Wednesday".
  17. Okay so just to update this. Got roughly 7 or 8 people to play so far throughout my mates and a few from other forums that I go on. It seems that XBOX is predominantly the league that's being filled up at the moment. Probably set the tournament up for easter time.
  18. Crayo lacks condifence to the point it's laughable. Best here? Plays with a better rating :pity:

    I wont be in, as im still definitely not good enough. Soon.
  19. Xbox ftw. Keep us updated. Where will it be hosted? Like, where would I go to tell you the results afterwards?

    Not sure what this post means lol.
  20. My first ever online game vs you, and I was the worse rated team :pity:

    Get l4d2.
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