Fifa World Cup 2014 - Deutschland über alles

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Stopspot, May 27, 2014.

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    WWEforums Fifa world cup 2014 discussion thread

    Ladies and gentlemen, behold: the world cup discussion thread! (Was a bit surprised we didn't have one yet so I whipped one out).

    Use this thread to discuss one of the best sporting events in the world. The world cup of football. Discuss the teams, the matches, the groups, the dirt gossip. Everything regarding the cup.

    The cup is: 12th of June to 13th of July.

    Let the good times roll. ​
  2. I would hope we (England) can at least make the Semi Finals...
  3. US got so royally fucked in the draw.

    Oh and then Landon Donovan got royally fucked by Klinsmann.

    not feeling too optimistic about the good ol US of A in this tourney. Pretty much guaranteeing we won't make it past group stage.

    and once that happens...

    time to root for the Italians :boss:
  4. This world cup should be a chance to ease out the "old guard" of Lampard, Gerrard while giving some good experience to the next generation - and Hodgson needs to get a few good wins to give us fans some hope. I'd take us going into the later stages and getting knocked out by one of the big teams, it would give us a much needed boost.
  5. Can't wait for this, it's gonna be awesome!
  6. Looking forward to this as I always do with international tournaments. Germany have had a good squad for a number of years and are a great team to watch. Italy always find a way to come good despite being written off. Brazil are the favs of course but there team does not seem that strong so the home factor will play a huge factor. England have no chance hopefully the youngsters get a chance to shine as the old guard have not delivered in the past and they won't now. It is time to build for the future and this is a good opportunity, getting to the knockout is irrelevant as long as the kids show promise.
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  7. lol?

    We're very unlikely to make it past the group stages.
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  8. I am absolutely desperate for this to start. I need something to supplement my summer job and boredom.

    I think that England will do what we always do; I do bolieve we could make it out of the group stages but then lose at the quarter-final stage. I think we could make it to the quarter-finals as we have a young squad who may not possess a sense of fear like the older players do. Our experienced players like; Gerrard, Lampard and Rooney have had the expectation of England fans on their shoulders for over a decade and have constantly let the pressure get to them. In my opinion players like; Sterling, Barkley, Lallana and Wilshere should start ahead of the old guard as they may feel less pressure.

    I think that Daniel Sturridge is the key to our progression out of the group stages. Sturridge has had a fantastic season for Liverpool and I don't think the pressure will get to him due to his personality type. Players like Rooney and Lampard will appear fairly modest and play down our chances; Sturridge however is confident in his own ability and has said for years that he should lead England's attack. Rooney does not even deserve a start.

    Yeah dude you guys are really stuck in a group of death. I honestly can't see the US accumulating a single point against those three beasts (Germany, Portugal, Ghana).

    I think Germany or Brazil will win this year, leaning more towards Brazil based on their current form and lack of a need for climate adaptation.
  9. We could surprise. They looked good in a friendly against Turkey. My homies Dempsey and Jozy seem to be on form.

    Problem is our backline is inexperienced and has no chemistry. If we can't outright beat Ghana in the opener we are toast. They sent us home the last two WCs so we have motivation. If nothing else, the team is playing a more visually appealing brand of football these days, and I am excited to move forward behind Klinsmann even if I am pissed about his decision concerning Donovan. We definitely could have used LD as the late game spark off of the bench.
  10. lol.

    How many days does this start in?
  11. like 2 weeks I think

    wait, 1 week? idk
  12. 12th is the starting date.
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  13. Man, England is a shit team. They're not winning, get over it.
    Going with my homies at Germany for this year. If not them, then Italy. If not Italy, then Brazil. And at that point, I lose all hope.
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  14. Italy is my team to bandwagon after the US goes home. Back off mate
  15. Dude, I've been with Italy since '06. Hop off.
    After Brazil lost.
  16. I mean any team could surprise :emoji_wink: Jozy? as in Jozy Altidore? I do hope he can perform for you if you mean him...he has spent two seasons in the BPL, one with Hull and one with Sunderland but he has scored less than 5 goals combined over those two seasons. I literally just checked his strike rate for the US national team...why can't he score in the BPL! I agree that Donovan should have been in the squad.
  17. Why not support Canada at the World Cup? :silva:
  18. :sad1: Doubt they're getting anywhere.
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  19. Against Turkey? lol

    You guys will be destroyed in the group stage, I'd be surprised if the US got any points..

    Yeah, Germany and Brazil surely are the candidates to win the cup. But so are Portugal, Italy and Spain. I'd like to think that Uruguay will be a surprise factor during the tournament.
  20. Shit, just noticed you're rooting for the same teams I am. lol