Fifa world rankings - time to lol

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, Jul 4, 2012.

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  1. Wanna see how shit the fifa world ranking system is?

    Look at #4:

    FIFA World Rankings: 1. Spain 2. Germany 3. Uruguay 4. England.
  2. Obviously were better than Italy. Remember the EU......
  3. To think we're actually rated above Brazil lmao
  5. Agerntina and Portugal aswell.
  6. I can understand being ahead of Portugal, but Argentina? Man we'd be killed if we played them.
  7. We'd be killed if we played Portugal IMO, they may be a one man team but that's still one more than us. Until Rooney pulls his finger out of his arse we lack that true world class talent.
  8. Not sure. They were diabolical outside of the Euro's, and even in the Euro's they were only good when Ronaldo turned up and to be honest I would say England has the best defence (maybe outside of Spain due to their style) in the world. Contain Ronaldo which I think we could, what else do they have?
  9. Nani, whilst inconsistent could destroy us if he was on it. Plus you have Joao Moutiniho who could control the midfield if we played the two holding mids. Plus Contraue was really good going forward from what I've seen. Finally keeping Ronaldo quiet is such a difficult task, which I couldn't see us completing. They seem to have more quality all over, beyond the back 5. Well 4 and Johnson.
  10. To be honest if you think No. 4 is a joke, then surely shouldn't No. 3 be an even bigger joke?
  11. They've had some good results over the years to be honest Uruguay, but they're definitely not the #3 team in the world. The ranking system is a joke tbh. It was only a few months ago where Holland were #1, yet when you see Spain you know they're #1.
  12. lolololololololololol.
  13. Zero points :haha:
  14. [​IMG]
  15. USA @ 36. This list is a joke.

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    Way too high
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  16. Giggled. :win:
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