Fifty-Seventyfive Years From Now....

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  1. How do you folks believe the World will look/be like, 50-75 years from now? Soylent Green, Omega Man, ???? What are your thoughts and opinions?
  2. Obese
    Higher bills
    Lower wages
    More debt
    Using sustainable resources

    Probably sums it up
  3. Fucking bitches getting money no holds barred anal sex with the pimple of Taz's ass.
  4. I wouldn't doubt it; glad I won't be here then...
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  5. Seabs; Could you please tone down your responses so that they may state what you wish, but without abusive, foul language? Haven't you heard the saying, " You'll catch more flies with honey than with vinegar?" I thank you for your support.. :-)
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  6. Saw your report, wasn't impressed by your performance. I have no idea how the world will look in the future, compare the beliefs of advancement in the 50s to what we actually got. This is a bit of a ridiculous thread imo as it's nothing but wild speculation and likely leads to doomsday talk, see the one reply you got. People will either be wrong by expecting leaps or wrong for expecting the end of the world as we know it.
  7. Cursing isn't an issue on this site it's tolerated pretty leniently. I build a reply around the threads content if it's wild speculation it will get a very very ridiculous response.
  8. Now, you **see?** you took some time and brought forth an original opinion, and made it straightforward and readable. I do agree with you in the 2 possibilities I mentioned were both in the 'doomsday' theme, and it's alos possible that the future will be bright. I'm just asking for people's opinions on the future, no harm intended.
  9. It's a good thread imo. I always ponder what the future can hold. We could see cities turn into this:


    Or overpopulation, lack of renewable energy sources, a dead economy, and inevitable corruption could lead to a much more troubled world than one we already live in.
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  10. It's nothing but wild speculation so I'll keep my original response, who says that world won't happen? Who says the "cursing" is inappropriate also? How do you consider yourself a person to make that call? Seems incredibly self entitled, no?
  11. I like the idea of spaceships
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  12. The one aspect that I do look forward to is our advances in technology, astronomy, and medicine. I think I might live through the days where I can look back and say "remember when Cancer wasn't treatable?". Promising aspects in science like stem cells could be life saving. We could have encountered alien life; life that can communicate and perhaps help the human race? I mean it's unlikely, but that could happen tomorrow.
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  13. Sometimes I like experiencing how simple your mind is.
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  14. Well, I'd like the 3rd or 4th Doctor to return, but that will only happen in reruns...
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  15. Is seabs drunk? o.o

  16. Nice picture; reminds me of an World Con ::sigh::
  17. Why would an intelligent species decide to help us? Seriously we're a planet of people who hunt and kill for enjoyment. Would you empower a person who'd kill you for the fun of it? What justification is there for the risk? This is obviously assuming basic psychology of the "aliens" is to survive and reproduce. I suppose they'd attempt to show their culture on ours but wouldn't that make us less Human and more of a sub alien kind of thing? If they're so advanced what could we offer them?

    I'm an ignorant person who dismisses aliens off hand due to being ignorant but still I never understood this hope they'd interact with us.
  18. Sometimes, when you're sleeping, I like to just sit for 10 minutes and experience how hot you really are.
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  19. Generally questioning the stance of everything for no reason other than fun, I'm an idiot who'd like to pick minds and learn something. The only thing I know is I know nothing.
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  20. seems legit seabiscuit
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