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*Reaper is standing in a dimly lit cave, the only light emanating from the candle that Reaper is holding. Rubble can be made out from behind Reaper*
Reaper: The Domain, this was where it was supposed to happen. This ground that I stand on is where The Webmaster and I should be standing together a force to not be reckoned with, but Ben Song and his pet stopped that from happening. I now see that it was the best thing to happen to me in a long while as I'm free from the tyranny of Todd McKay pretending to be my friend to get ahead of the competition. That is why I'm angry Todd not the beatings, You know I can't feel them anyway, the fact you would try and treat me as a means to get ahead. Well I wont have it. At Jailhouse you and I are going to settle this for once and for all.
*Reaper drops the candle and we see a flame slowly rising. The camera pans down to show a pile of Todd's belongings being burnt*
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