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  1. Sunday, Dec 7th LIVE on PPV 8e / 5p

    When Ring of Honor was established in 2002, it set out to be truly different from the mainstream professional wrestling offerings. Officials were looking at various options and created the Code of Honor. The Code of Honor stated: You must shake hands before and after every match, no outside interference, no sneak attacks and no harming of officials. Also, any action that results in a disqualification would violate the Code of Honor.

    With the code set forth, Ring of Honor embarked on changing the landscape of professional wrestling. As history sometimes dictates, when two combustible elements meet, standard rules often don’t apply.

    In October 2002 Samoa Joe faced off against Low Ki in what Ring of Honor officials titled “a Fight without Honor”. A Fight without Honor is exactly as the title suggests: it does not require participants to adhere to the Code of Honor. There is no disqualification, no count out and ultimately there must be a winner!

    Throughout Ring of Honor’s storied history there have been 16 “Fights without Honor”. These fights have seen legendary competitors in Ring of Honor and professional wrestling in general settle their differences. The history of this type of fight is rich, intense, brutal and sometimes very bloody.

    Ring of Honor fans have seen Homicide fight Trent Acid two different times. Current Ring of Honor color commentator Steve Corino also once went toe to toe with Homicide in a fight that had to take years off their careers.

    In a sign of how strong rivalries can be, former ROH World Champion Low Ki battled Current ROH Television Jay Lethal in a Fight without Honor twice in one night!

    Delirious is the only wrestler who has competed in multiple Fights without Honor and remained undefeated. He also holds a victory in the only Fight without Honor held outside of the United States as well, as he defeated “Mr ROH” Roderick Strong in Tokyo, Japan.

    Ring of Honor’s biggest show of the year, Final Battle, has a storied history when it comes to a Fight without Honor. It saw its first fight in 2003 when “Hurricane” John Walters took on Xavier. In 2008 a Fight without Honor provided a fitting end to the legendary feud between Bryan Danielson and Takeshi Morishima.

    At Final Battle 2010 Kevin Steen fought his former best friend and tag team partner, El Generico, in Fight without Honor. This fight saw Steen risk his career while El Generico put his mask on the line.This match set a new standard for violence and hated within an ROH ring.

    What every one of these fights had in common was the need to go beyond traditional means. These fights featured more hatred, more emotion and an immeasurable desire to inflict damage that went well beyond standard matches.

    On Sunday December 7, 2014, Terminal 5 in New York City will be the site of Final Battle. This live on PPV will give the world the chance to see a Fight without Honor. This fight will see current Ring of Honor World Champion Jay Briscoe defend against perhaps his greatest career rival, Adam Cole!

    On one side of the ring you will have the gritty farm boy from Sandy Fork, Delaware, Jay Briscoe. On the other side you have the well to do, good looking, brash, well dressed “Panama City Playboy” Adam Cole. This rivalry was born not necessarily out of cultural differences, but out of Cole’s natural disrespect for everything that Jay Briscoe represents.

    Jay Briscoe is a tough they come. He was raised in a family full of fighters. His battles in Ring of Honor are the stuff of legend. In ROH: At Our Best on March 13, 2004 fans witnessed Jay walk into a steel cage against then ROH World Champion Samoa Joe. This match saw Jay Briscoe spill buckets of blood. He did not win the ROH World Championship on this occasion but this match ensured his toughness could never be questioned. Briscoe's reputation for talking a big game is very much backed up by his willingness to dish out the Briscoe brand of violence. With no internal sensor or limit as to the lengths he will go to “Man Up”, one has to wonder exactly how far Jay Briscoe is willing to go to end this rivalry.

    Adam Cole is a lot tougher than many people might think. Beyond the good looks and long hair is someone who truly believes that he is the very best in professional wrestling. Wrestling experts point to June 24, 2014 at Best in The World as a sign of Cole’s physical toughness. This was the night he suffered a serious mouth injury in a physically devastating bout with former partner Kyle O’Reilly. Cole is someone who is always thinking two steps ahead. Having won Survival Of The Fittest 2014, he guaranteed himself an ROH World Title opportunity. But he couldn’t just stop there. He took things to a much higher level: he challenged Jay Briscoe but not just to a standard one on one match up. He went far beyond that and challenged him to a Fight without Honor! Cole will not have his normal entourage at Final Battle, as his fellow Kingdom stable mates Matt Taven, Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis are all currently on tour in Japan and not due back till after the completion of Final Battle. This begs the question: what does Adam Cole have up his sleeve?

    One does not willingly walk into a fight with Jay Briscoe if he doesn’t have a plan. Adam Cole definitely has the talent to beat Jay Briscoe or anyone in a one on one match. But Cole must understand this isn’t just a match, this is a fight. This is a fight in which the odds are not even slightly in his favor.

    Briscoe has been with Ring of Honor since its inception. During his tenure in ROH, Jay has never been in a Fight without Honor. With no limitations to the amount of damage he can inflict, could Jay tire himself out ? Is Cole’s strategy to simply prepare himself to counter everything Jay brings, hoping that he runs out of gas ? Can Cole possibly handle everything that Briscoe has for him? These questions are part of the reason the world will be watching Live on Pay Per View.

    ROH fans have seen all the twist and turns of the Cole/Briscoe rivalry. Now the time has come for ROH officials to go outside the box to devise a resolution. That time comes December 7, 2014 at Terminal 5, live on Pay Per View. At Final Battle 2014, two of the most decorated wrestlers in Ring of Honor history stand toe to toe in the middle of the ring for the most treasured prize in professional wrestling, the Ring of Honor World Championship. This rivalry now transcends tradition. For the first time ever, Live on Pay Per View, The Ring of Honor Title will be defended in a Fight without Honor. In the final match up of Ring of Honors 2014 calendar, Jay Briscoe defends against Adam Cole in fight that involves hatred, betrayal, frustration, determination and just about every emotion imaginable.

    The history books will be re-written on this Sunday night. Not just in Ring of Honor but for all of professional wrestling. Be sure you are witness to what everyone will be talking about the next morning!

    There is one way to see this - LIVE on Pay Per View. For a list of providers in your area click here or to order online click here.

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