Kayfabe Fighting For Myself

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  1. *Buster Gates is in his locker room backstage with Reginald.*
    Buster Gates: This is it... This is the week, Reg.
    Reginald: It’s been a long time coming.
    Buster Gates: I know, but I didn’t expect... Well... This...
    Reginald: Listen, Robert Blake is...
    Buster Gates: A dead man? Look, no-one comes into MY company threatening to take MY belt. That doesn’t happen.
    Reginald: He’s the Exodus World Heavyweight Champion.
    Buster Gates: Who gives a shit?! Am I part of Exodus?
    Reginald: No...
    Buster Gates: Then that place is worthless. The only place that matters is where I am, and I’m here in Precision.
    Reginald: Are you finally realising this place has potential?
    Buster Gates: Ha! Potential... No, this place is still a toilet, but I’m at the top of the food chain here and no-one threatens that. EVER. Ryan Blake goes behind my back, steals pictures of me and posts them online then low blows me in the middle of the ring, and now he’s brought in the successful member of his family because he’s not good enough to do the job on his own and yet I’m supposed to be the bad guy?
    Reginald: Robert Blake is not going to be liked around here...
    Buster Gates: Damn right he’s not. He shouldn’t be here. He doesn’t deserve to be here or to have a shot at my title.
    Reginald: Is there nothing you can do? You own half the company?
    Buster Gates: ... I mean... Probably... But I’m not going to. I’ve held onto this belt since the start here, I’m not going to let it go now, especially to a guy who’s not even from here. Yeah, he’s good, he knows he’s good and I know he’s good. But he’s not walking in here like he’s tough shit, because I am THE tough shit.
    Reginald: What about Ryan? What are you going to do with him?
    Buster Gates: Oh don’t worry; he’ll get what’s coming to him... Let me set the record straight though... I’m not fighting for these people. I’m not fighting for this company. I’m fighting for me. My Undisputed Championship hasn’t had a single worthy challenger yet, and Ryan Blake knows this. This is why he’s had to get extra help. There’s no way I’m going to let some inbred looking, guy-liner wearing, tall... Prick... Take this away from me. I keep my promises, I always have and Reg... I promise you that I’m going to walk out of Summerslam STILL Undisputed Champion.

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