Figure Four Leg Lock

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Danielson, Jan 19, 2013.

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    The miz used the move on smackdown to get a win over Primo. Are you happy to see The Miz take a legendary move? or do you think he should have left well enough alone?

  2. :mad: I think we all know how I feel about this :no:
  3. I'm on your side. I understand the argument that there are only a certain amount of moves, but some moves are just iconic. I can see using it, as long as its noted, that it's not executed as well as the original.
  4. It's like when the Rock uses the sharpshooter, love the Rock, hate when he uses that move.
  5. Here is why it's okay with me. He isn't using it to get wins.
  6. That makes it worse IMO. To each their own I suppose.
  7. It makes it okay because no one executed it as well as The Hitman. I see your logic though, hopefully you see mine.
  8. I see both sides, but prefer mine :jeritroll:
  9. I don't like it at all, but I don't like The Miz in general. I guess it is smart though, it can help him get over.
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  10. Nope, it's a legendary move and Miz won't be able to make it his own the way Dolph can with the Superkick.
  11. I couldn't really care less but I don't mind at all. Especially since their was actually a passing of the torch-esque scene explaining it. Plus, with the exception of just not liking The Miz, I don't really see the logic in disliking it since Flair himself adopted the move, among other things, from Buddy Rogers.
  12. Nobody's using it now, why wouldn't he use it?

    Whatever he does with it, it will never be HE who will be remembered for the move.

    It will be Undertaker :troll:
  13. I have no problem what so ever with it. Flair actually saw fit to give it to Miz and actually was happy that he could do it. And I don't mind that Miz's doesn't look exctly the same because he has done the move a total of two times. The more he does it the more he will get comfortable using it and better at it. Nor do I believe that he should look exactly like Flair when he does it. I like it when wrestlers do small tweaks to moves to make them individual, just like Dolph doesn't look like Shawn when he does the superkick.
  14. I figured this would happen when that segment with flair happened. I don't know how i feel about it.

    I guess it could work for him, with the crowd pandering before, something that ADR had adopted with his face turn that i actually like from him. Most of the fan favorites have the move where the fans can get excited before they execute it.

    I don't know, just like my opinion of Shelton and Dolph and the plethora of other guys using my favorite move ever, it's not as good as the best...

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  15. Miz should use this move as his moveset now
  16. Just passing the torch.
    It's a bit weird that it's The Miz, would have fit better with Ziggler or Rhodes.
  17. I saw that move and it wasn't the same as Flair. Miz kind of just sits there when he does it, so it's bland. For a move like Flair's to be passed down you think there would be more hype but not really. I liked how Miz didn't get the Skull Crushing Finale, so it forced him to use that move, it was sweet. I think Miz should be more fluent with it as well.
  18. Somehow I don't see Ziggler doing the figure four. Just because he looks like a young Ric Flair and reminds us of him doesn't mean he should be doing Flair's moves (in my opinion). With Cody I could see the irony of him using the hold that many associate with his father's arch enemy. We will get used to Miz using it in time just as Miz will get better at doing it in time, practice makes perfect so to say.
  19. I really see more HBK in Ziggler than Flair by a long shot. Flair was all about embodying what a champion should be imo (the parties, arrogance, clothing and accessories saw to that) Miz as a heel especially when he held the title was a lot closer to Rics character imho.

    Aside from the hair colour what traits does he share with Flair actually? Comedic selling counts too.
  20. True. Dolph is a HBK kind of character. I think that a lot of people just see the hair and think Flair. Ziggler already has the sleeper as well.
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