Filmmaker says AE "disasterous for culture" (FU Linda)

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Snowman, Oct 20, 2012.

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  1. Neither believe nor care about a word he says but a pretty nice shot at Linda.
  2. Screw Linda and her stupid useless senate run :bury:
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  3. This would be very convincing to a lot of PC voters.
  4. :pity:
  5. The AE taught me many things about life. For instance, if I dont like my boss, i can beat the shit out of him without any repercussions. How's that disastrous for culture?
  6. Some of you guys take this Linda McMahon Senate run awfully personal. It's like you honestly blame her for the watering-down of the WWE product.

    Guys, Vince is convinced that the company makes mor money and gets more viewers by pandering to children. He didn't change the product to help Linda. He changed it to make money, pure and simple.


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  7. Well all Vince has to do is look at the numbers and he'd realize that's not true.
  8. Yes it is very true. Think about it, no matter how shitty the product is, people still watch. We bitch and complain it, and continue to watch it. Every time we tune in, we are putting money into Vince's pockets. And now that the show is for kids, children really want to go, so that means for sure you get two people, the kid and parent, and that's just a simple scenario, most people have more kids, would want to bring friends, etc. Vince is making tons of money and he doesn't have to a damn thing. Plain and simple.
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  9. he's still making money, but not as much as he used to and people still watch, but not as many that used to
  10. Actually, it is when you look at sponsorship deals and stuff like that, plus ticket sales/concessions, plus the talent is simply cheaper with no competition around other than companies who are actually struggling financially. The ratings are abysmal compared to the AE, but they're making more money.

    Waco, the Linda thing is just a whole "Hey, we can talk about politics and all be on the same side!" thing more than anything else imo. Just posted since this may or may not spark some interesting conversation.

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  11. He still makes a good amount of money and gets tons of ratings. And if they ever drop all he needs to do is pop up an they return. And he probally makes near the same amount he did before anyways.
  12. do you have any proof of that? just curious because I cant find anything comparing how much money was made during the AE compared to now.
  13. It's more paying attention to everything. The product was aimed at teens and adults, kids may have sneak watched it, but that means they couldn't get the stuff. Now everybody of all ages can, and parents would give stuff to kids like wristbands of their favorite hero then a shirt to a teen that says hell yeah. Also WWE makes money off of ECW, WCW, AWA, WCCW, and many other past companies history videos, so older fans would want to buy it. They sell some Attitude era stuff still so teens may want to get some past shirts too. There's something for everyone now, and Vince makes more money on live vents now then ever, and he even makes money off the WWE games, because people who don't watch WWE even play those games. He makes money left and right now as oppose to the Attitude era.
  14. Whilst I agree that it is taken horribly serious in the IWC, I do think Linda's campaign has had a significant effect on the product. Hell, even good old Abe Washington said the same thing when he was fired, so it can't just be the IWC overreacting like normal. Yes a watered down product makes Vince money but a product directly appealing to kids and kids alone doesn't. He is so so scared of doing anything that might interrupt or trouble Linda's chances, it's there for everyone to see.

    Sure there is a ton of factors but to say it has absolutely no relevance in my opinion is incorrect.
  15. I really didn't mean to imply that her campaign had no effect at all on the show and its production (looking back at my post, though, I can see how that came across), but just that the impact of the Senate campaign is way overblown by the IWC.

    I also do think that the watered-down product was caused by Vince's opinion change that "Attitude" and "Ruthless Aggression" were not the future of his company, but that a more kid-friendly product would be more successful. That plays into the campaign's hands, but it wasn't caused by the campaign.

    It is my opinion that the change in product quality came about because of Vince's idea that he needed to change the focus of the WWE. It is also my opinion that he has tweaked some things in the product to push down opposition to his wife's campaign and not help Murphy's campaign, but not nearly as much as has been suggested.

    I think the IWC's feelings of the campaign's effect on the product is mainly a case of post hoc ergo propter hoc.

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  16. Nice post. Regardless of his intentions, Vince is still the reason why we have the product we have today. If the reports are true about his constant shooting-down of decent ideas then that's evidence that he has simply lost the plot and genuinely doesn't know what we all want now as wrestling fans. However, when it's mattered, he's put out some decent stuff which bothers me. Rock/Cena was incredibly personal and very edgy, CM Punk's 2011 MITB storyline was again very edgy and successful. He still has bits of genius in his locker but it seems to be corrupted by ignorance and maybe a bit of Linda on the side, Vince can't resist power and Linda could give him that. Need a Sith smiley.

    Semi-serious in the last sentence btw :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:.
  17. What a load of crap, i grew up on the attitude era and i've never been any of those things to women. It's not WWE's fault it's the fans fault for being impressionable if there were actually people who were turned abusive toward women because of the produ-...

    i had to stop typing because my fiance refused to make me a sandwich so i had to layeth the smackdown on her bitch ass. Where was I again?

    Oh yeah AE didn't make anyone degrade or abuse women.:otunga:
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