Finafuckingly Goal line technology in Football

Discussion in 'Sports' started by seabs, Jul 5, 2012.

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  2. About bloody time too, this should have been sorted years ago. Just a shame it took a decision to go England's way for them to finally kick it into gear.
  3. Epic. "It could be implemented in the Premier League midway through next season." WHY? Why half way? Wankers.

    Anyway this has been a long fucking time coming.
  4. Fucking finally
  5. I prefer ketchup
  7. This is some of the best news I've heard all day... great to see a sport trying to improve the game. *Gives applause*
  8. I'm totally against it to be honest. I think (not having) it brings controversy which is what makes the game IMO.

    FIFA should be worrying less about something that happens once in like every 20 games and more about things like wage caps and financial regulations I think.
  9. England vs Scotland world cup final (or Hibs vs Man United CL final). England or Man United score a goal in the 95th minute which was WAY over the line, but the ref said it didn't. Hibs/Scotland lose because of this goal. How do you react?
  10. I would be absolutely fuming of course, but I still wouldn't want goal line technology to be introduced. Football shouldn't be some perfect game, I prefer having the talking points, and those moments that either have you gloating over your luckiness, or raging over your misfortune. Adding stuff like this could just make it dull.
  11. I have to strongly disagree. People said the same about tennis, but have you seen how good hawk eye is there? Football needs to be as fair as possible. If you're a fan of controversy/drama, then watch Eastenders. For the sake of the game, it needs to be about who's the best team playing the best way. Not who's the team that avoided a bad ref call.

    All goals should be goals. I would be sickened if United played Barca, won in the last minute and it wasn't counted, or lost in the last minute and it did count. What about those people who spent £1k+ to watch their favourite teams lose because of a call that can be easily fixed? The game needs to be as flawless as it can. Besides, there's enough diving/bs in football still to have drama.
  12. I just feel it loses it's fun a bit, Tennis is hardly ever mentioned in the media, so it's not like they miss out on any controversy. Infact, John McEnroe's rants would never have happened if there was always technology.

    The difference between the diving and shitty free kicks is that in a game filled with them, you get bored. The game does not flow at all and is therefore dull. However, if you come out of a match having not gotten a goal because of a dodgy lino decision, you feel aggrieved. But I'd rather come out of a stadium feeling annoyed than come out bored as fuck.

    I understand it's not a popular opinion and it is rather odd, but I'd rather not see it introduced.
  13. If anything Football being more mainstream is a reason to introduce it, not ignore it. It's just more potential fans being pissed off by ref decisions. You're the only fan I know who'd prefer to have a goal undeserving scored against them losing them the game than come out bored at a point gained lol.
  14. Probably because I've endured two of the worst games I've ever seen last season at Easter Road. Absolutely nothing happened and losing a controversial goal would've at least given me a reason to care.

    I didn't expect anyone to agree lol, just my strange view of the game.
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