Final 3/19 WWE Raw Rating

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Big Hoss Rambler, Mar 22, 2012.

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  1. Not surprised at all. Terrible RAW.
  2. Terrible RAW, relying on older guys instead of a good show. Remember that one epic show we had last month or something? Had a 3.5 rating with nearly 5m viewers.
  3. Yes. Got so many YT video views from it.
  4. Was that the one with the first proper Punk/Jericho promo and the HIAC match being announced by any chance?

    Edit- They were different nights, going by Big Hoss' YT it was the one with the Punk/Jericho promo and the champion vs champion match.
  5. Correct me if I'm wrong but weren't ratings higher over x-mass and new year?
  6. Nope, although that RAW was one of the best recently, solely because of that promo and a few other things. I was talking about the RAW a month+ ago where the tag-team title was defended etc. Not sure if that was the same one as the promo but I don't think it was. I know HHH was in the main-event again but everything other than his segment was great. Drew a 3.5 rating.

    You're correct.
  7. Ok good thought so thanks Crayo!

    That to me was when the product was good.

    The Jericho vignettes, Kane's vignettes etc

    They were building so well and then well #fail #wwelogic
  8. Yeah I enjoyed that period. Pretty funny that the ratings have gone down on RTWM, where the product is meant to be at its peak.
  9. That was when I signed up as it was such a great time to discuss positives bout the product.

    This RTWM been so poor WM has a massive massive void to fill for us hardcore fans it's gotta be near perfect and with Shaq/Big Show it aint happening.

    I see the summer being big this year I dunno why just got that feeling.
  10. Yeah WM itself will probably be quite good just because of the potential. Also I agree - the summer should be great.
  11. Agreed with WM and thanks for the agreement on summer. We've guys they can push like Ziggler, Miz and Barrett so hopefully we get a good summer. These 3 defo deserve main events this next year!
  12. I'm predicting Barrett getting a massive push in the summer.
  13. This I would love Barret has got impressive on the mic and in ring is decent I would love to see Barret get pushed.

    Plus he's quite popular and a big feud in the summer would send him over.
  14. Definitely. He was SO OVER in his Nexus days it was unreal for a "rookie". Of course #wwelogic ruined that.
  15. He's still pretty over imo guy walked to the ring to commentate during his randy feud and ppl loved it.
  16. Just by giving Barrett a mic and he's over that's how good he is.
    From 0:40 and bare in mind he'd been buried pretty far at this point with the Corre.
  17. you know someone is over when they get given such an important segment vs HHH and pull it off with ease!
  18. Jesus when Barett speaks he just screams "I'm in control, listen to me". He's SO similar to HHH 2000. He could be such a good dominant heel.
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