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  1. Source: http://www.wrestlingnewssource.com/news/37164/ROH-Final-Battle-2014-Results-71214-New-York-City/

    What did you think of the show, guys?
  2. I thought Final Battle was a very good show! Not a single bad match took place. I'd give it a very strong 8/10.

    - Mark Briscoe vs Caprice Coleman vs Hanson vs Jimmy Jacobs was a darn decent 4 Corner Survival Match, just like the one from last week! Everyone got to shine here in this match.

    - Roderick Strong vs Adam Page was a good back-and-forth match, I really liked this one.

    - Tommaso Ciampa vs Michael Elgin was effin' good! BS ending, though. I haven't been following too much of ROH this year, but I hope this 'zero tolerance' policy is eventually gonna lead to Ciampa finally becoming ROH World Champion! The Sicilian Psychopath is simply awesome!

    - The Addiction & Cedric Alexander vs The Young Bucks & ACH was fun-tastic. I enjoyed every bit of it! This was MOTN for me.

    - RD Evans vs Moose was alright, I wasn't much of a fan of the match, although it had some decent spots.

    - Matt Sydal vs Jay Lethal for the ROH World TV Title was good, but I expected so much more out of this match, to be honest.

    - The Time Splitters vs The reDRagon for the ROH World Tag Team Titles was just great all the way through, I enjoyed this one!

    - The ME, Adam Cole vs Jay Briscoe for the ROH World Title in a Fight Without Honor match was... Just brutal, I loved it!
  3. Nice to see they didn't take long to get Evan Bour... Matt Sydal into the main spot, Jay Lethal's my boy though, until his career is done he should pretty much be retaining championships left and right, or if he drops one he should end up right back with another one after a build up or so. He's done a lot for ROH and ROH has treated him well, I like the relationship they have together and how the creative team treats him..

    That Tag Team Title match was boss, helluva a sight of entertainment, the Main Event was probably my MOTN to be honest, idk, with ROH brutality and viciousness is a big key and don't get me wrong the tag title match and the Addiction tag match with Cedric alexander on their side was a close second IMO.

    Overall I'd give the show a pretty solid review, it definitely kept upto par with the late great stuff that ROH has been putting out, I see big things in the future for them if they manage to keep it up.
  4. Yeah, Final Battle kicked ass, brother. Those matches you mentioned, especially.
  5. Delirious knows his stuff
  6. Umm, what am I missing here? lol
  7. He's the booker.
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  8. I had no idea, man. Apparently, he does know his stuff.
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  9. I had forgotten about this or I would have gotten the PPV live. But I watched it really late last night... actually I was up to 7AM finishing it, but I was glad I did. Final Battle is undoubtedly what a pay per view is supposed to be.

    First, the venue was awesome. I loved the dark walls. Actually when I was looking for a new forum to post on, it was the black background of this one that drew me to it. The venue was small, but I like that. It reminded me a little bit of the venue that Windy City Pro Wrestling used in the early 90's. But it was undoubtedly the perfect setting for the event.

    In relation to matches, all of them were at the very least decent.

    The four corner survival match was the right way to start off a PPV. You put an energetic match at the beginning and you get the crowd really into it. ***1/2

    Roderick Strong vs Adam Page was excellent. I actually am a big fan of Adam Page so I would have preferred it if he won, but the fact that he passed out rather than submitted was a nice ending. I gave it ****

    Ciampa vs Elgin was damn good as well. I actually don't like either guy a whole lot but was still able to get into the match, and that says a lot. I loved when Nigel McGuinness was making it seem like he was having an internal struggle to decide whether or not Ciampa violated the zero tolerance policy or not... it was interesting. ***

    Cedric Alexander and Addiction vs The Young Bucks and ACH was phenomenal. It's funny how i hate six man tags unless they are done by ROH, in which they are always outstanding. **** 1/2

    Moose vs Evans.... honestly I couldn't care less, but even so it was watchable. Seeing Evans pretty much lose everyone and everything was kind of pitiful. ** 1/2

    Sydal vs Lethal was good, but it honestly it could have been better. ***

    Time Splitters vs Red Dragon was absolutely phenomenal. I am a huge Alex Shelley fan so I was pretty pumped up for the match. I didn't think Red Dragon stood any chance of losing, but a few of Shelley's and Kushida's kick outs made me start to think they might take it. Shelley and Kushida don't have the natural chemistry the way Shelley did with Chris Sabin, but it's the next best thing. **** 1/2

    Jay Brisco vs Adam Cole. Oh well, this match began a bit slowly but it picked up and was great. Personally, I would have preferred Adam Cole to win, and I am sure I am in the vast minority of people who feel that way. But like the tag match, there were several kick outs that got be thinking that Cole might pull it off. However, when Brisco laid the belt down and Cole looked up at him, that was the dagger. **** 1/2

    My take on it as a whole is that Final Battle did exactly what a wrestling card should do. Almost every match led me to believe that either opponent could win. The event just flew by and was over before I knew it. Absolutely flawless pay per view.
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  10. @Jacob Fox I'd suggest looking up Shelley and Kushida's matches over in Japan if you doubt them having natural chemistry. Because history IMO begs to differ.
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    I never said any such thing. My exact words were:

    "Shelley and Kushida don't have the natural chemistry the way Shelley did with Chris Sabin"

    This doesn't say they don't have natural chemistry, jut that the chemistry he has with Kushida is different than it was with Sabin. Of course Shelley and Kushida have amazing chemistry. I just think that watching the Murder City Machine Guns for years that they had it little bit better. Sabin and Shelley are my favorite tag team of all time and Shelley with Kushida is the next best thing... that sounds to me a lot more like an adulation than a critcism.

    And for the record, I have seen many matches with Kushida and Shelley as I am a huge fan of Japanese wrestling.
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