Final BFG 2015 card!

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by CFCrusader, Oct 2, 2015.

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  1. Hey guys, Bound for Glory is this Sunday and after Impact, we finally know what the full card should be provided TNA don't surprise us more. We also already know there will be a 3rd announcer but we don't know who yet. Here's your main event match:

    With Jeff Hardy as your special guest referee. (open)

    We also have The Wolves vs Lee and Myers for the Tag Team titles, Gail Kim vs Awesome Kong for the Knockouts title, Roode vs Lashley (my pick for Match of the Night, honestly) for the KOTM title, Tigre Uno defending in a fatal four-way and apparently he'll be fighting Andrew Everett, Manik and DJ Z, along with a Gauntlet for the Gold (consisting of Abyss, Aiden O'Shea/Jay Bradley, Shera, Jessie, Robbie E, Mr. Anderson, Tyrus, Drake and Melendez) and Kurt Angle makes his big return by facing Eric Young.

    I'm pretty happy with this card, the main event and the Roode-Lashley matches have gotten me most hyped. I think that The Wolves' match would be so much better if they were chasing the titles, because we all know they're winning. The Gauntlet is pretty much midcard city and well, it's not like I care about most of them. If TNA taping in India next month is gonna happen, I think Shera could win. If not, I'd say Robbie E or Mr. Anderson to win and challenge EC3, who I believe will remain champion.

    It's also a shame that the X-Division has been overlooked and well, it would have made for an epic surprise if they got maybe a new signing or two for the Gauntlet and maybe X-Division, but I'm not sure who Everett really is and if he'll stay long-term. Either way, it should be quite a good PPV and hopefully TNA will push on from here just like how well they did after Slammiversary last year.
  2. Well, it definitely seems miles better than last year's BFG card.
  3. Matt f'n Hardy won the TNA title.
  4. Matt won? Wait- he was in the match? His brother was ref? Huh? Lol they threw many things last minute together, any ideas on the buy rate yet for this event?
  5. Matt winning the TNA World title was probably a "Thank you, Matt!" kinda thing, due to his years of work.

    Also, this could be an indication that they're getting ready to shop TNA to a new network. EC III isn't a recognizable name as Matt Hardy is.
    And while I doubt Matt is an easy sell, and Lashley would be a better choice if TNA's following this logic, but hey, I guess they can say former WWE tag team/US/champ is their company's champ.
  6. Kinda sucks that EC3's not champion because I can probably list 1000 feuds he can have in the near future that would make my mouth water (Jeff Hardy vs EC3, Roode vs EC3, Lashley vs EC3) but hey, hopefully this will result in good things. Matt's been on a roll too, so he's not that bad.

    I'm yet to watch the PPV, it airs on Challenge on Wednesday night.

    Welp now TNA made an announcement that they're doing a media tour in India but no actual TV tapings. I wonder when they will do their next TV tapings. I mean, all of my favourite TV shows (Arrow, Flash, SHIELD ect.) are coming back to fill in the time and I like the idea of doing breaks even if I know it's probably because of the TV situation, but TNA could do with a fresh set of tapings. Oh and I wonder if their UK shows in 2016 will be TV tapings, last year it said so on the posters but this year... nothing.
  7. And this card drew a whopping 280 paying fans apparently.

    "We're the unquestionable number 2." - Bob Ryder 2015
  8. A reward for years of work in other companies? :dawg:
  9. Oh, come on. Don't be so harsh to El hermano del Jeff.
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  10. Really not, just don't think this is a "thank you" reign when there really isn't that much to thank him for. I'm not even gonna say anything about the actual fact that he won the belt (mostly because I don't care), but still.
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  11. I honestly have no idea what's been going on in TNA storyline-wise, 'cause I haven't watched it in like 8 months.

    So, whether it was a "thank you" kinda thing or a last minute decision, I don't really care. lol
  12. Yeah, I don't watch anymore also, but Matt Hardy winning the World title in the main event of the biggest show of the year over Galloway and EC3 isn't a surprise, really. It's still TNA.
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  13. Hated on Matt becoming the champion. ECIII was great in my opinion. A huge success by TNA as they have made a star from a man WWE did not use well, it's not like Christian or others WWE couldn't use. It is much more different. A man with low reputation and name become one of the best in TNA and even in business. Hope Matt loses the title as soon as possible.

    Also it was great to see Pope, about to wrestle but it did not happen.
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