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  1. Right I've just started playing 7 and 8 again with 9 downloading of PSN!

    Anyone love these games as much as me if so which is your fave?

    Just thought we could have a general thread bout em as they are probs as a series some of the most played games of all time!

    My fave used to be 7 but now I've played 8 at an older age I appreciate the epicness of it more and think it's my fave now.

    However I loved 10 hated 10-2.

    11 was online and I never played

    12 was good different feel to the series but I enjoyed it especially hunting marks.

    13 I hate and same for 13-2

    and all the early ones I haven't played enough to comment.

    ur views?
  2. Welp. I like Chocobo's Dungeon. XD


    VII and XII are both good. I like VIII's soundtrack but I never actually played the game.. lol
  3. Used to play these so much but never Chocobo's dungeon.

    And I know right the soundtracks were amazing in all of them really but 8 was memorable for some of the big cut scenes.
  4. I love Chocobo's dungeon 2 for ps1. That game is one of my fav games ever. XD
  5. Literally never played it may have to track that down!

    7 was my most played of all time I completed it and every side quest ect took me years lmao!
  6. Well.. I played 7 and got to the last disc to find that the person I borrowed the game from had a scratched up last disc and so it couldn't play. I raged and still to this day never beat it lol
  7. Damn thats sucks get a copy and play it it's epic!
  8. Maybe someday. I am really bad at making it through a full RPG. I get all distracted by other games and never beat them lol.
  9. I've got like that nowadays as work and stuff gets in the way so i get sidetracked etc..

    But back in the day I used to pull all nighters on 7,8,9 and 10 then go college or scholl shattered sleep there and then same again!
  10. FFMQ is my favorite. Old I know.
  11. Final Fantasy X (10) was my favorite, I loved Tidus, and Wakka. And I generally loved playing Blitzball it was awesome, I really hated the Seymour character soon whooping his ass was good.

    I've got the new ones on Xbox 360 but I prefer the older-ones.
  12. I miss playing ten and really want to get hold of a copy on the PS2! As want to play it the correct way not on an emulator! Or just pray it ends up on PSN soon but I doubt it.
  13. I know what you mean, my disc broke a while back and I was meant to replace it. Think I best get round to it sooner rather than later before I forget again..
  14. Ten had some magic similar to seven in my eyes it's one of my faves I aint sure why but things in the game just worked for me!
  15. I know this is super old, but playing Southpark: Stick of Truth got me into playing the old FF games again, started with FFX.. weird one to start with I know but I fell in love with Blitzball during the first run through of the game back when it came out in 2001.
    Legitimately I am contemplating buying a used PS3 just for the sake of being able to play the new HD Remasters of FFX & X-2.. but mainly just X :emoji_slight_smile:

    I love the FF games, this is my first time replaying one actually, I mainly just beat em 100% like mastered characters, got all the secret summons and items and shit and then moved on, but after a good solid several years the replay value is tremendous :emoji_slight_smile:
  16. Also this should be moved to Gaming & Media, I assume that wasn't a section when this was created. I think it should be revived too one because of the Remastered versions I just spoke of and two the newest installment FFXV that should be coming out simultaneously with Kingdom Hearts 3 reallly soon.
  17. 7 > 10 > 6 > 9 > 5 > 12 > 4 > 8

    Currently playing 13 finally and I don't see why people hate it so much. Decent story, fun battle system, amazing visuals. I Ashley don't mind the fact that it's linear considering how little time I have these days to invest in gaming.
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  18. I liked 13 for what it was :emoji_slight_smile:
    The Visuals indeed were amazing!! I think that linearness is only for Disc 1, I'm pretty sure it switches to open world type deal if I remember correctly.
  19. 7, 8, 9, and 10 I played the most.. I played 12 as well but only about 20 hours and really got nowhere in it.

    7 and 8 were my favorites for game play.. for graphics it was definitely 9.. I loved the cartoony feel of it while everyone else was thrashing it for that lol. The stories in every single one of them were great.. the card games in 7, 8, and 9 made it worth it to go back and continue to play to try and get them all. I finished 7, 8, and 9 all 100%.. 10 was maybe around 90% because the drive in my PS2 stopped reading and I never bothered to get another one... I just sold everything.

    I bought the PS1 (my favorite system of all time) when it was first released and FF7 was in my hands the day it was released .... still my favorite game of all time and nothing will ever replace it.... ever.
  20. The Card Game in 8 > any other card game/mini game like that other than Blitzball.
    I loved that fucking game! I made sure I got the Zell card from the chick in the Cafeteria right after I got the Ifrit card in the beginning when you first get Ifrit, also getting the Mog card from the fucker running around in circles in the beginning base is a good thing to do too.

    Shit man I may have to dust off the old PS and give FF8 another playthrough!
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