News Final HOF Class Line-up of 2015

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Sharpy aint SAWFT, Mar 18, 2015.

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  1. Okay so with the WHOLE universe basically discussing that they're saving Kevin Nash's announcement for last on the final RAW on the Road to Wrestlemania the final line-up has been decided.. Below are the class and the people inducting them.

    * Warrior Award: Connor Michalek, inducted by Daniel Bryan and Dana Warrior

    * Larry Zbyszko, inducted by Bruno Sammartino

    * Tatsumi Fujinami, inducted by Ric Flair

    * The Bushwhackers, inducted by John Laurinaitis

    * Alundra Blayze, inductor TBA and rumored to be current Diva

    * Rikishi, inducted by The Usos

    * Arnold Schwarzenegger, inducted by Triple H

    * Randy Savage, inducted by Hulk Hogan

    * Kevin Nash, inducted by Shawn Michaels

    How do you feel about the line-up this year? If you could would you take out someone? who would you take out and who would you replace them with if you were calling the shots?
  2. Well, I think this line-up is pretty good. I wouldn't change anything.
  3. I'm cool with Nash, Connor, Rikishi and Macho Man. But I'm pretty much indifferent to the rest of the inductees, though.
  4. Wait, Nash was confirmed? Good.
  5. Hopefully it happens next week on Raw.
  6. No but it's been heavily talked about behind the scenes since before Savage was announced, I imagine they put the two best inductees on the front end and tail end of the announcements.. If Nash isn't announced as an inductee on the last RAW before Wrestlemania than almost everybody will be disappointed.
  7. I see. Well, honestly I really don't care who's in the HoF and who's not, but seeing Nash is always good so yeah.
  8. Indeed, can't think of the last time I dreaded seeing Kevin Nash.. I'm pretty sure it was almost never.
  9. Man, one of my favorite Raw moments was the last nwo reunion, whenever that was, when Nash cut a promo literally taking credit for everything great that happened since 1996. Nash is just great.
  10. There've been rumors floating around about how he may get inducted as Diesel, seeing as how Hall was inducted as Razor Ramon last year, and then both men would eventually get inducted by the names of Kevin Nash and Scott Hall.
  11. [​IMG]
    Hall might not induct, but they will have a short segment and I will hear the greatest two words in wrestling history - Hey yo.

    Juiced Nash is in - next up is the nWo w/ Steiner.
  12. I'm dying for a Steiner return anywhere. Too bad Hunter has heat with him.

  13. Fujinami is official now.
  14. bushwackers,thong wearing fatty over people like Dynamite kid? Bollocks
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  15. The closest the Usos will ever get to the hall of fame podium. :pipebomb:
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  16. Nash and Savage make this a GOAT class. The rest = who cares

    fuck, Hulk is inducting Savage? Sounds unbearable. I'd rather listen to a dog lick its balls
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