Final Match of the Tag Title Series: Full Metal Mayhem

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  1. Following their win at No Surrender over the Hardys and Team 3D in a Ladders match to tie the tag title series even, The Wolves - Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards - have choosen the stipulation for the 4th and final match of the series, and it will be a Full Metal Mayhem match.

    The match will be taped this Friday night in Bethlehem, PA at the Sands Casino Resort and will air on Spike TV in October.

    World Tag Team Championship Series recap

    Match #1: Team 3D def. The Hardys and The Wolves in a three-way one-fall tag team match (August 27th)

    Match #2: The Hardys def. Team 3D and The Wolves in a three-way tables tag match (September 10th)

    Match #3: The Wolves def. Team 3D and The Hardys in a three-way ladders tag match (September 17th)

    Final, match #4: The Wolves (c) vs. The Hardys vs. Team 3D in a three-way Full Metal Mayhem tag match (October)
  2. It's been an awesome series so far, can't wait to see this match anchor it home.. after all this time having gone by do you think there will be a different team to hold the straps or do you think the Wolves will retain?
  3. Honestly, anything but The Wolves winning and retaining would surprise me, considering everything.

    IMO, this series was designed to: a) have great tag matches, b) put division back on the map in TNA, and ultimately c) have The Wolves as #1 in the world by defeating both Hardys and 3D. A and B are done, C is just waiting.
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  4. Those are my thoughts pretty much, very good way to make the Wolves look good and to make the tag team division more impressive.
  5. Yeah. It's pretty much a lock that Team 3D won't win, The Hardys have some slight chances to win it, but the Wolves are strong, strong favorites to win the Series.
  6. What's the difference between a Ladder match and a "Full Metal Mayhem" match?
  7. Full Metal Mayhem is TLC match.
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  8. Has Davey already recovered? That was fast. I'm enjoying the series.
  9. I'm intrigued. How's the series been so far?
  10. Fantastic.

  11. My opinion: pretty f'n good, and most important of all, highly entertaining to sit down, watch and enjoy.

    Found all three matches on DM for you babe, if you have time to watch it, bitch.

    Just a little over 30 mins for all three vids. Six-sides, NYC, tag fest.... it doesn't get better in TNA these days!
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  12. The Wolves are winning this, I am sure!
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