Final word on Eve

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Senhor Perfect, Jan 15, 2013.

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  1. All the Eve marks can blame Rener Gracie for her departure.
  2. :why:
    I'm still sorely dissapointed about this. The divas division didn't have much to begin with and losing Eve is just another blow to that division. WWE should start searching the indies for good female wrestlers.
  3. They should give LuFisto a shot

  4. The WWE losing Eve Torres is a huge blow as the division is starting to crumble right before us. I hope she does come back and return one day however until then we need to start pushing Tamina, Layla and Natalya, too. The reason I'm saying this is we'll have three strong faces of the diva's division, Natalya, Layla and The Diva Champion Kaitlyn. Then you have your two major heels of the diva division AJ Lee and Tamina.
  5. Nat is a natural heel like her dad. Have AJ leave Dolph and become a face again. Then have her and Nat feud over the title for a bit, that might bring some interest back into the division.
  6. I bet Vince was pissed off when Eve said to him shes leaving the company. Vince dislikes anyone who leaves the company to do their own thing
  7. I also read she wanted to get married.
  8. Either way can be best fit. However, that should be after WrestleMania. Kaitlyn vs AJ at WrestleMania with Kaitlyn losing. The next RAW have Natalya (turns heel) beat down Kaitlyn before the bell rings in a number 1 contendership match. Out comes AJ to make the save (leading up to a face turn). A triple threat Championship match at the EC PPV.
  9. She probably wants to get married and have a family while she is still young. I can't blame her.
  10. Will miss watching her, but I suppose it's what she wants to do, so alright then.
  11. Never cared about her honestly, never really saw what the big deal was about her. No she wasn't a bad wrestler, but she also wasn't a great wrestler like other divas on the roster. Sad to see her go I guess, but I was never really a fan of her.

  12. She says good bye.
  13. Havent watched raw yet, however i know that eve left.. I wish it was a great match .ive never cared about the divas division (except for april)
    But im gonna miss her .. Hope they push paige and release askana ..i do like eve but Im not a fan .. At least the WWE gave her a well deserved long time reign . Im sure we are gonna see eve again .
    So now kaitlyn is the champ ... April is hopefully "breaking up"(kayfabe wise) with zigg(big mark of ziggler) , she should not screw him . Just break up somehow cuz Its too soon for a face turn .. I would like her to go back to her tweener role . Then start feuding with kaitlyn . This feud could be interesting cuz they could build it up as best frens now enemies .. How they used to be the "chickbusters" etc...
    Kaytlin will drop the title at wm ... Its aj 's hometown so yeah 100%sure .. I aldo hope that she turns face after that , nat turns heel by injuring the great khali and kk returns (:jeritroll:)
    Wwe divas divison needs to be rebuilded ASAP and lets face it... The future of the divas division is aj and paige .
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