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  1. Briscoe today @ 6pm / Lethal Friday @ 2:15pm

    Ring of Honor presents Best in the World ’15: Battle of the Belts this Friday June 19!

    (BALTIMORE, MD - JUNE 18th, 2015) - The world is buzzing about this historic main event as ROH World Champion Jay Briscoe faces off against ROH World Television Champion Jay Lethal for the first time ever with both championships on the line!

    For a small sample of the rivalry and what is on the line this Friday you must watch these words from the 2 Champions

    After a very intense contract signing on Destination America, the two combatants in Friday's Main Event are prepared to make their final statements to the public before this epic encounter.

    ROH World Champion Jay Briscoe will be speaking LIVE at 6:00pm Est from his farm in Sandy Fork, Delaware!

    ROH World Television Champion Jay Lethal will make his final statement this Friday, June 19th @ 215pm when he makes an appearance on Sirius XM’s Busted Open, and will broadcast live on

    These appearances will be broadcast on UStream, and will be available HERE.

    If you can not be in attendance, you will have multiple options to watch Best in The World ’15: Battle of The Belts live! You can order this event on various platforms for $34.95!

    You can see it on live Pay Per View through all major cable & satellite companies. For a list of providers, click HERE

    You can order it and watch it on

    You can also view Best in The World ’15 worldwide through the Flipps App - For more information follow @FlippsTV on Twitter

    New to Flipps? let ROH World Television Champion Jay Lethal explain just how easy it is to use

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