Final WWE RAW Rating - And it isn't good

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Oct 2, 2012.

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  2. Oh Jesus such a low rating. Understandable that Vince is pissed
  3. :umad: Vince? How are those three hours working out for ya??
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  4. lowest non-holiday ratings in 15 years. :mog:
  5. So glad. RAW will be back to two hours in no time.
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  7. Bad product equals bad ratings. Next time don't put me to sleep and my drool won't change the channel. I hope the trend of low ratings continue. WWE tends to do better under pressure
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  8. I wonder if this will get the point across. 15 years is a helluva long time.
  9. God bless those people who didn't watch RAW.
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  10. Exactly. Especially when there's better stuff to watch *cough*NFL*cough*

    Hopefully WWE steps up their game. This past Raw was horrible..
  11. Holy shit that's Smackdown level!
  12. Hey Dolph's: Texans/Jets next week, right?

    Ratings should go up.
  13. Doubtful after that awful show.

    And even though the Jets suck they are still a draw, and still in first place actually. Jets vs the best team in AFC = draw
  14. Maybe the casuals liked it... those that didn't turn it off since they didn't get the constant teases that Cena is appearing later. Who knows.

    Figure it could be somewhere around a 3.0 next week. Nothing outstanding but better than this, the only hook for MNF is "OMG could Tebow play tonight?"... I can't be the only one who doesn't care, but most will watch because it's football.
  15. :obama: I cant wait to get back down to 2 hours, I just worry this means more sheamus, more cm, HHH back on the screen, and less time for DZ and others who dont get the huge ratings boosts, instead of building them, settling with the month or two down, and getting a couple of them the build they deserve.
  16. The thing is... I watch Raw from time to time, and from my POV, it doesn't even deserve 1.0, it's a pile of shit TV.
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  17. Yeah, crappy ratings. Three hours, the NFL thing and crappy booking/product is doing a number on them. Well, too bad. :haha:
  18. 2.5 :upset: that's what you get for a Raw without the best wrestler in the company John Cena :lol1: No i'm just kidding ,or am i ? :willis:
  19. Bet you won't see this on next week's Raw:

    "Did You Know... That last week's Raw was the lowest rated episode in 15 years?"
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