Finally a Cena heel turn?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Mr.Bartlett, Oct 16, 2016.

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  1. Just stumbled across this article on -

    "Forbes has published a story claiming that WWE officials have been discussing the possibility of turning John Cena heel; more seriously than they have in the past.

    Their report claims that his role within the company isn’t as strong is it once was when he was wrestling full-time. The belief is that if they turn Cena heel now, WWE would be able to utilize him more by helping the next generation of top babyfaces get over.

    Another reason that they would turn him would be a potential boost in ratings; as they feel the audience may tune in more because a Cena heel turn is something that has yet to be done. The idea is that Cena will return from his hiatus and later enter into a feud with The Undertaker to culminate at Wrestlemania 33. That could be a perfect scenario for a Cena heel turn."

    I know this is something that people have been calling for for some time now and Cena himself has publicly said he'd love to do it - I think it'd be awesome to see but i don't know if it'd work, i feel there's a solid chance heel Cena would get cheered haha

    Heel or Face though I'd 100% want to see a Cena/Taker fued

    What's your guys thoughts on it?
  2. I have been saying for the last like 5 years he needs to turn heel. Now that he is not so much "the face of the company" and kind of comes and goes, I think they can pull the trigger.
  3. At this point, Ambrose needs a turn more. Vet Cena is a great Cena.
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    Ambrose has more years left than Cena. I can't see (LOL) Cena wrestling another 5 years. My guess is he will do another 3 part time.
  5. Just turn the damn guy heel already!
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  6. A Cena heel turn does sound good on paper...but...
    from what I've heard/read about it...the ship may have
    already sailed on that idea.

    I does feuding with the Undertaker lead
    to Cena turning heel? I mean may-be if Cena cheats
    to break the streak...Oh Wait...Bork Laser broke the
    Streak a few years ago for no real reason.

    Personally I think Roman Reigns turning heel is more
    important than Cena turning heel...but then...everyone
    wants Roman to turn heel.

    Ugh...So confused...
  7. I feel like that ship has sailed.

    Can't say I wouldn't love Cena turning heel, but I doubt it's going to happen.
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  8. I'm still wondering when they will turn AJ.
  9. hmmmmmm?
  10. If he comes in, drops a leg on Randy Orton to side with Bray and Harper and then burns a copy of Wrestling Observer on live TV that'd be great.
  11. Not gonna happen. Think of the children!
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  12. I think the main problem is people want the Cena Heel turn too much...

    So matter how WWE book will never meet the fans expectations.
  13. If Cena turned heel, he'd also probably get cheered. lol
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  14. Not as much as Roman would...wait...what?
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  15. If Cena turned heel he'd basically have a swap of reactions, the grownups would scream let's go cena and the kids would yell Cena sucks XD

    I would love to see him do a heel turn, something massive too. But with the whole make a wish thing he does and stuff, i'm not sure if they'd pull that trigger.

    But please god... pull that trigger!
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  16. I have not minded Cenas recent matches but then agian I did not put up with him for 10 years.

    He put over AJ Styles, made him (and himself) look like a million bucks.
  17. Cena should never turn at this point. That ship sailed so long ago its already returning from its voyage. Just say no.
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  18. Also from a business perspective turning John Cena AKA the guy that brings in children's parents money and attracts the children isnt really a good idea, plus turning John Cena heel is a momentous occasion and I really do not see a big enough fight or event for that to happen in WWE now
  19. This would suck so hard. Old Man Cena is so great. They finally find a good character for the guy and get us behind him, THEN turn him heel? LOL
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