Finally a notification system!

Discussion in 'Announcements Archive' started by Crayo, Oct 11, 2012.

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  1. MyBB has lacked one massive thing over the years and that is notifications. What is notifications? The ability to be notified when someone has replied to your thread, quoted your post, repped you, liked your post etc. We finally have it! So thank the developer of the plugin, @[euantor] -- who is also on the support team at

    As you can see in the welcome block bar, we have alerts. When you click that, a drop down list will appear with your recent alerts. You can adjust your alert settings here.. Before you ask, YES we are integrating our custom like plugin with this, meaning you will get alerted when someone likes your post, fantastic right?

    We know about the bug where you click your alert (like a post where you're quoted for example) and the alert doesn't go away, to get rid of it you'll need to click "view all alerts" and then go off that page afterwards.
    That will be fixed in later versions of the plugin don't worry, it's a minor inconvenience to a really good needed plugin.

    Lastly, we'll be changing its position probably and the name from "Alerts" to "Notifications" (again, probably) but yeah it's here and queer.
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  2. Awesome, I love it already.
  3. You're welcome :emoji_grin:
  4. you forgot the - between alerts and modcp.

    and this mod is awesome btw. Was really looking forward to it. Thanks euantor.
  5. We're moving it, that's why, lol.
  6. That feel when you have no Alerts currently :upset:

    Amazing plugin. Is it exclusive to this site? Or will the developer be releasing it?
  7. It's public to all of MyBB, finally.
  8. That's sweet.

    Also, the colour the Alerts tab is when you get an alert is sick, don't ever change it :yay:
  9. Yeah, I made it public. The integration with the likes and tagging stuff will be unique to this site though when it's done.
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  10. :never:

    Also crayo, this bold text looks bad.
  11. :yay:

    Swear to god I'm going to kick your ass. It's still being tampered with lol.
  12. The green? It was red, we did change it :pity:
  13. So I could spam tags and it'd show up in the notification?

    What if I quote and tag? Will there be two notifications?

  14. I mean the green, it's sweet :dawg:
  15. Tag isn't integrated yet :dawg:
  16. When it is though, I'll be sure to abuse it use it appropriately :otunga:
  17. I'll abuse you baby :otunga:
  18. Yes, yes you could. The PM about being tagged will be removed though.
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