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Discussion in 'The Ramp' started by Cloud, Mar 12, 2012.

  1. Hey guys how has everyone been?

    Sorry not been on in a very long time had stuff to deal with.

    But I'm back and I'm very behind on my wrestling not seen any in weeks which has sucked massively so heres hoping I can catch up next few days and get up to speed.

    Loving the new design by the way very nice!

    Glad to be back though :emoji_slight_smile:
  2. Was good in the hood cloudy cloud?
  3. Hey your back! I was wondering what happened to you....
  4. Welcome back, I was wondering were you had been :laugh:
  5. Cheers guys!

    Yup things are sorted now so all good in the hood again haha.

    Need to catch me up on some wrestling though hate having no clue whats happened feeling way out of touch!

  6. CM Punk vs Y2J is heating up every week. Jericho attacked Punk on the ramp with a scoop slam followed by a Lion Tamer.
    The Rock had some promo's with calling Cena a cong pow bitch and throwing Cena merch over a bridge the next week. Cena responded with a promo that contained that he will never leave and will do anything for the business.
    HBK returned again to announce that he will be the special ref at Mania for HHH vs Taker.
    Sheamus and Bryan had some meetings and promo's.
    Rhodes vs Show was a little heated at some times, mostly an angry Show trying to catch a running Rhodes.
    An announced 12 man tag team match. Team Ace vs Team Playa.
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  7. Nice one mate jeez fair bit happened sounding good tho!
  8. Sure thing. How long have you been away btw?
  9. I THOUGHT YOU LEFT US CLOUD, I SERIOUSLY DID. I think I even emailed you :emoji_slight_frown:

    How you been??
  10. Been away since before elimination chamber ages if im honest.

    Not great if im honest Crayo just had wave after wave of cr*p to deal with for the last month or so and just not had time or energy to do much.

    Managed to sort a lot of it now though so i'm back and looking forward to catching up on everything and getting some wrestling watched.

    An yup I saw your email the other day nice on fella :emoji_slight_smile:
  11. Damn I hope things work out for you - I'm here if ya' need :boss:.

    Glad you're back though, RAW has been shit and good in consecutive weeks (other way around). Punk vs Jericho promo - you have to see it if you haven't already. The rest has been miss-able.

    You in the RAW thread tonight baws?
  12. Then you might want to see this. Lmfao.
    It happened at EC!!

  13. So much win.
  14. LOL at that vid thats epic! :emoji_slight_smile:

    An nice one Crayo appreciate that. An yeah gonna be in the thread tonightas got a lateish start tmz so defo in missed it lol.
  15. Haha good! Missed complaining about RAW with a Mancunian (Anonymous doesn't count).
  16. I'm actually wondering if Saylor is still alive or not.

    Welcome back Cloud.
  17. Someone email Saylor.
  18. lol @[Optimus] thats why it wouldn't tag you thought it was me being stupid

    An what?? Don't tell me Saylor has gone missing too bad times man.

    ok maybe it is me being stupid as it's not tagging haha!
  19. No idea why, my tagging is enabled :emoji_slight_frown:
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