FINALLY...FINALLY..."The Wolf Said Poofy" Has Found "Home"!

Discussion in 'The Ramp' started by The Wolf Said Poofy, Nov 11, 2012.

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  1. Hello there, :smug: First of all let me say that this place looks "sick".

    I have been part in the past, of many football (soccer), tennis, & video game forums but i had never really looked into a wrestling forum because it had never really gotten into me as a desire, and when i did i only found this "one forum" which seemed a bit too messy for me to join, well today (10 mins ago) i googled "wwe forums" and clicked here, and decided that i just couldnt ignore this place.

    There are smilies to my left of amazing quality, the type that i have found in only one other forum which in its own right is sick, let me just say that if anything, i can say that this place looks beautiful.

    Well...My username is "The Wolf Said Poofy", i'm here to have fun argumenting, chit chatting and be part of the what nots that come with being part of a forum.

    I'm a "logical" open minded guy, not a "fan boy", not a "mark", i like to have "logical" arguments and have fun while doing so.

    The first time i ever saw a wrestler was when i saw the rock's face smashed in pieces outside a target near the year 2000, his face was on a plastic fast food restaurant cup i think, thats the first time i can remember i ever saw a wrestler.

    Then around 2001 was the first time i first tuned into a wrestling program, that being smackdown i suppose ( i cant remember too clearly as i was very young and didnt have cable or satellite so raw is not it lol), i remember seeing mr mcmahon, the rock, and rikishi i believe, in a promo?

    Well then as the years went by i tuned into telemundo @ sundays to watch raw episodes of the previous monday, i tuned in only 5 times though in years. I eventually started watching wrestling in 2007.

    In the last 5 years i have acquired i suppose, lots, and lots of wrestling knowledge, and i've had great moments as a fan since then, and thats one of the reasons i love wrestling, because of how much i enjoyed it when i first got in, it's history, and everything that came with it.

    Even then, in the last few years i have not kept up with every pay per view, or every episode as i cant say im totally satisfied with the direction the company has taken, so i kinda lost interest in 2009 but have kept up and still am pretty much aware of everything that happens, i enjoy looking at documentaries and classic matches, and will try to keep up with it in a regular basis again.

    My favorite "superstar" ever is Shawn Michaels, which i consider to have the best career in wwe history, and who i also consider as the best in ring performer there's ever been, and i'll explain my self further if anyone is interested.

    My second favorite would be either jericho, the rock, or triple h.

    I've never really been a hater, not even a cena hater or anything.

    My favorite wrestling documentary is "Heartbreak and Triumph" released in 2008, ive watched the jericho, rock, and bret hart personal documentaries, and also HHH "the king of kings" and i have to say that "HAT" was magnificent, and better than any of the mentioned.

    Favorite match ever is HBK VS Bret Hart WM 12 and WWE SVR 2006 is the best wrestling game i've played ( havent played since SVR 2008) and from what ive heard its only been since wwe 12 since there have been any major changes.

    And if i could compare my personality with a wrestler, i may have a bit of HBK's kind of arrogant mannerisms, and jericho's arrogant way of presenting him self in real life.

    Well theres some info if anyone cares, cya around.:maybe:

    Surprised to see this :lol1: here..

    Edit: I see that there is a proposed template to use when introducing one's self, i feel i've naturally followed it, the age is the only missing piece..."Neunzehn" it is.
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  2. :jeritroll:

    Welcome to the forums! :emoji_kissing_heart:*

    I agree, Shawn is GOAT! Weird username tho.

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  3. Thanks for the welcome.

    For those wondering about the username..

    I have a few inner jokes with friends, in a crazy rant one day while playing gears of war 3 my team got destroyed and i was the only saving grace, and my friend talked about how pretty much the enemies had asserted them selves as "no lives" or in other words, people who do nothing more than play that game all day. :pity1:

    So i said "The Wolf Said Poofy!" since in the story of the wolf and the 3 pigs the wolf pretty much destroys pretty much everything except the brick house, which i suggested i portrayed.

    Poofy was used instead of "poof" because it sounds laid back and funny to me atleast. :pity:

    Hence the name, because i always found the expression funny and i keep using it to this day. :sonnen:
  4. Hey dude, welcome to the forums. Good introduction. I'm sure you'll have a nice time here.
  5. Hello, and welcome to the forum buddy, fantastic introduction. I'm sure you'll fit in well.
  6. What a great introduction thread. Welcome to the site man, Shawn Michaels is indeed a GOAT contender. I'm not surprised you lost interest in 2009, because in my opinion that is the worst year of WWE ever. It seems to slowly be picking up again but only time will tell.

    Hope you stick around and I'm glad you like our smilies :yay:.
  7. Wow, thanks everyone for the great welcome :emoji_grin:
  8. Great opening dude!

    HBK has had a great career for sure!

    Enjoy here, hope you stay active.
  9. Welcome Poopy!
    .... I mean. Poofy! :pity: :haha:
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  10. Welcome aboard mate
  11. Welcome to the forums :Yay: HBK is a GOAT wrestler. Hope you enjoy your time here :otunga:
  12. Hi! Welcome! It's awesome here! :obama:
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