Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Zack Ryder, Apr 14, 2013.

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  1. Finally....Dolph Ziggler is World Heavyweight Champion! And it wasn't awarded to him by Guererro! What are your thoughts on that?
  2. IKR. I'm glad he didn't lose it on the same night too.
  3. Dope / 10
  4. "He is definitely in my Fav 5"
    -Booker T
  5. It was indeed a great moment which will lead up to an awesome reign.
  6. Ziggler champ bro. That's it, his second reign is going to be dope
  7. I'm really glad that Dolph is finally World Champion, in fact I may even be changing my avatar soon to him with the big gold. Not sure if it's a good or a bad thing that he happens to be champion during the period where my interest/passion in wrestling is at an all time low (which is probably evident by how my recents posts are compared to my earlier ones). Dolph as champion is literally the only thing going on currently that I give even an iota of care for. The Shield use to be the best thing but a lot of my interest in what they were doing was lost during the Mania build (Show being an interest vacuum as usual) and their current thing with Team Hell No, while good development, just doesn't do anything for me personally. Fandango? Haha, no. I couldn't possibly care less about Fandango or anything Fandango related (unless that Jericho/Ziggler/Fandango triple threat happens like Dolph's said, then I will care about something Fandango related but still). Anyway, it could be a good thing because it gives me some a reason outside of this site to pay attention to WWE but the bad thing is I can't get invested in the product during the reign I've been waiting years for because everything around him is so uninteresting to me.
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