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  1. Paige has arrived and she is now divas chanpion YESSSSSSSSSSS :yes::yes::yes::yes::yes: I cant fucking believe this my girl Paige has debuted on Raw finally and what a shocker she won the divas title yesssssssssssssss nobody saw that coming but I predicted she would debut after WM30 thats another guess I got right I told you all

    These two days have been amazing my man Brock beating the streak and now my girl Paige debuting and becoming divas champion
  2. Thanks, Asshole, You just ruined a part of RAW for me....
    Fuck you.
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  3. Sorry ive just seen this now and im marking out like crazy she is my home girl representing in WWE and she is divas champion yessssssssssssssss
  4. Well couldn't you go mark out in the Rate Post Raw Thread?
  5. Well, I marked too. It was a great debut, whoever figured out that Paige would get a great reaction with this smarky crowd was a genius and it was a great moment. Even though I do think she could benefit from more character depth in the long run, I won't lie, I liked it.
  6. They ruined her character though she looked soft and pathetic imo. Nothing like the Paige on NXT. Hope that comes back in weeks coming.
  7. Puts a spoiler prefix. Spoils it in the title. Fuck off.
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  8. Most retarded post ever, you put spoiler but say what happens in the title. Do you even internet?
  9. It was a pathetic debut and a shitty way to use her. Trust WWE to misuse the only entertaining diva left (apart from AJ of course, who was also misused ironically).
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  10. I get the feeling you just copied the first line of your post as your thread title. #Fail
  11. Don't think you know what a spoiler means
    a person or thing that spoils something shown to the public.
    a flap on the wing of an aircraft which can be projected in order to create drag and so reduce speed.

    Stop reducing the forums speed damn It!
  12. soo shitty, I don't care about the diva's division in the slightest but I mean cmon the way they debuted her was fucking horrid.
  13. All you stop moaning
    Anyways about this Paige looking soft on her debut I think this was just a ploy to get AJ to wrestle her. The Paige we know on NXT will show her true self on Raw soon enough we have to be patient. But OMG im still marking out over her debut and title win thank you Vince for finally allowing Paige on the main roster
  14. There's no moaning about the Divas Division; it's simply stating the obvious from a non-fan of the division's perspective, debuting her immediately ending a title streak? As far as Diva's PPV matches go (even though I disagree with them) this should've been at one of them. AJ stands the odds against 13 others including seasoned vets, younger ladies with more experience under their belts on the stage of immortals yet drops to one measly little NXT biatch within a few minutes on the post WM Raw show?
  15. Unless it was just to get the belt off AJ? She just got engaged to Punk would she leave?
  16. Paige is the Big Show of WWE Diva Division
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  17. Found this cool clip

    Paige era has begun

    Sharpy Sandow - Paige isnt some NXT bitch show respect to this woman she has paid her dues on the indys since she was 13 and has worked her ass off to get noticed and get this opportunity
  18. This was a really fucking shitty debut. I mean I guess its cool she won the title, but the way it was done sucked balls. Then again, who really gives a fuck :haha: #lolDivasDivision
  19. Know nobody cares about the Divas, but I cannot fathom how any of you could possibly think that this was a bad way to debut Paige. There's so many reasons why this was a good idea:

    1: Necessity. The story of the Divas' match at Wrestlemania was "everyone hates AJ, AJ is going into this match with no chance to win since every diva on the roster except maybe Tamina are ganging up on her." The match didn't play out that way, but nobody remembers that since it was in the biggest death slot in wrestling history. AJ still retained the title despite the entire division turning against her. She, in kayfabe, is so far and away ahead of the other divas that it required someone new to challenge her.

    2: Impact: Screw this talk of "the babyface chasing the title". This is the Divas' Division, nobody will care about it. The only way to even try to get people to talk is to make a big impact and do something to make us talk. Unseating AJ on your debut? That'll get us talking.

    3: Timing: She debuted and made the impact on the one Raw a year in front of a smark crowd that will not only know or care, but know how good of a wrestler she is and give her a reaction. The pop she got on Raw was awesome. And Extreme Rules is right around the corner. With how WWE loves to rip off TNA, it's time for them to rip off Gail/Taryn. Make the casuals wonder what a Divas' Ladder Match is like.

    4: This does wonders for AJ: AJ was over after a year of annoying character development and the "pipebombshell". Since she won the belt, they've really done nothing with her except have her lose Raw matches to set up PPV matches that she wins easily, and she's been hurt by it. Her title reign was boring (WWE's fault) but now you've gotta think that AJ, the character who loved the title so dearly, will be rejuvenated as a character when put in the obsessed chaser's role. (Could be the best thing in the division in years or an unmitigated disaster, probably a combination of the two. Either way it's gotta be more interesting than COTM garbage)

    5: It pushes NXT: If someone can just debut and win a belt on the first night on the show, what else could people do from down there? What will the impact of Adam Rose be?

    Don't see how there's anything wrong with this. Could it have been written better? Absolutely. Hell, Paige's acting (and her writing) performance was downright atrocious... but dammit, it's the Divas. We can't expect perfection. We barely get anything, so we should take this something and like it.
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  20. It's interesting to me to see a diva hold two titles at the same time (Excusing Laycool as that was a joke)

    But this was something I really enjoyed seeing, History being made not only a debut winning the diva's championship, but a debut winning a championship when already holding another championship. It was fun to witness.
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