Find out what will happen with Sheamus/Del Rio on SmackDown!

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Jonathan, Aug 20, 2012.

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    They are doing a deal where the referee admitted he blew the call in the Sheamus vs. Alberto Del Rio match, meaning the program will continue.

    I can't stand Del Rio/Sheamus matches.
  2. I cant stand Del Rio at all.
  3. The match at SS was great though.
  4. I agree good match at Summerslam, I want to know what Del Rio will do regarding his foot been on the rope, and see how that effects their on-going feud.
  5. This was obvious...

    Last nights ending was perfect to keep this feud going. It's the best feud in WWE at the moment and it's not even close.
  6. It looks like we're getting Sheamus vs. Del Rio again at Night Of Champions.
  7. ADR Is just a dick sucking fag.
  8. Enough with the fencesitting, tell us how you really feel.
  9. The match at SS showed how great of a wrestler ADR is, and they're finally getting a good character for him. The feuds awesome, but with Del Rio's lack of charisma and Sheamus being, well, Sheamus, it's so hard to get excited for this feud. This time it's NOT WWE's fault (other than Sheamus's character)
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  10. Saw it coming when they had Sheamus's foot on the rope. Alberto should get a rematch, and Sheamus looks like a STAR. Remember kids, if you cheat and lie to the officials, then even you can become a World Champion and achieve your dreams.
  11. IMO Sheamus is an awesome wrestler, he's just been booked poorly. F**K WWE.
  12. I wish this feud would just... end.
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