Find out WHO will face Heath Slater on RAW 1000 in here!

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Jonathan, Jul 20, 2012.

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  1. It's not known if it will be a match, it will be more than likely a stunner and pin.

    I knew the rattlesnake was going to be showing up.
    Nice of WWE to not announce it also, gets even more of a crazy pop. :jeritroll:
  2. And..that's the bottom line, Cos' Stone Cold said So!
  3. I want Austin to do something more interesting to be honest. I know it's cool but I'd rather see him do something deeper than just 'return, drink beer, stunner noobs and walk out', it's cool as fuck, but a segment with a superstar or something. Even just like his Wrestlemania 21 Piper's pit or his promo with Hassan, just something different.
  4. I will have to at least attempt to poke holes in this thing. Austins status for RAW 1000 is questionable since there is a scheduling conflict. Austin has a new TV deal with the CMN in which he produces and films four or five shows for them. He is booked for the night of the 1000th RAW to film one of them (will try finding the source where I read this.)

    Would be awesome if Austin showed up otherwise I'd take Undertaker.
  5. I could see Slater vs Taker.

    Slater promo in the ring : "I have versed all the WWE legend possible, and I am not a dead-man" *Undertaker music hits*
  6. Austin is off shooting Grown Ups 2 btw.
  7. Perfect :dawg: Can't wait to see what Slater has to say to Austin it's gonna be segment of the night after DX reunion or Cena VS Punk for Championship.
  8. I really hope Austin does something else...All he ever does when he shows up on Raw is stun somebody...I'd really like if they announced Tough Enough as a suprise!
  9. Doubt this will happen, Austin's return match is against Slater? He'll stunner him post match if at all.
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