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  1. YES! :yes:
    Another random, somewhat lame, locker room game!

    Start off a sentence. The next member will finish it and start a new one.

    Member 1 -
    (New sentence) "I once failed a..."
    Member 2 -
    (Finished Sentence) "I once failed a drug test and lost my job."
    (New sentence) "Yesterday was the..."
    Member 3 -
    (Finished sentence)"Yesterday was the first day I didn't wet my bed!"
    (New sentence) "My dog ran away and I..."

    I used colors so you can see who posted what. You do not have to use colors.
    I will start if off... Finish my statement, start a new one!

    "For the first time ever..."
  2. DO you come up with these games yourself?
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  3. ...I didn't bring an animal to my house!

    "Last year..."
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  4. "Last year I went sky diving and craped my pants" (lol)

    "This Fall, I plan on..."
  5. :yes: :okay:
  6. Eating some cake.

    Crayo really likes...
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  7. "Crayo really likes when Xanth puts on his pink lace thong and jumps on the bed."

    "I would much rather..."
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  8. This game sucks.
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  9. Not as much, as hard or as often as you... Hussy.
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  10. ^ Exactly
  11. Exactly...

    What she thinks about D'Z
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