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Roaring from the end of last week’s Aftermath show, the crowd continue their shenanigans as several chants can be heard by the Precision crowd in attendance for tonight’s show. The crowd is seemingly split with half of them chanting for Will Neilson and the other half screaming the name of the First-Rate Manipulator, Tyler Keenan. The fans seem to be desperate to know why Tyler Keenan made his presence felt at Precision's recent event, Aftermath, but also what this means for Will Neilson. It doesn’t seem like they’ll be waiting for long though because a familiar theme begins to play.

Stepping out in front of the raucous crowd is current Precision Commissioner, Tyson Blade. Surprisingly, the majority of the crowd cheer for Blade, mainly due to the fact that he doesn’t make that many appearances on the shows themselves and usually works predominantly behind the scenes. However, Tyson takes in the crowds reaction and extends his arms in gratitude for the positive response. Walking down the ramp with a smile on his face, he can’t quite help but shake hands with a few of the fans before his climbs into the ring. After a few seconds of signaling the announcer stood on the other side of the ring to get him a microphone, the former world champion quickly gets into the ring and grins in joy, finally being back in front of the fans. Going over to the other side of the ring, Tyson grabs the microphone and begins to speak for the first time in a while.

“Seems like you guys have missed me, right?”

Instantaneously, the crowd cheer at Tyson’s attempt at a cheap pop. Contemplating what he should talk about first, he walks around the ring for a few seconds letting the crowd settle down. Unbuttoning his suit jacket, Blade continues to speak.

“So, let’s begin tonight’s blockbuster show by discussing the one thing that has been on everyone's mind since the end of Aftermath. Tyler Keenan and Will Neilson.”

The mention of Precision’s most popular superstar and the man who is known currently as the GlobalBrand sends the crowd into a frenzy. Switching between the two chants synonymous with both men the crowd sing Keenan’s chant.

“He's got money, he's got fame! He's got those shining lights next to his name!”

Before Blade can even begin talking about both men, the crowd continue to chant but this time for the Precision World Heavyweight Champion, Will Neilson.

“Oh he’s a meme, oh he’s a meme! His name is Will Neilson, the Great British Meme.”

Smiling at the crowd, Tyson claps the ‘creative’ chants but quickly takes his chance to speak since the crowd is starting to settle down.

“The first question is simple. Why is Tyler Keenan in Precision? Well, you can thank yours truly for that. I know a few people and I made a call and was able to make it happen, however, I have no clue why Keenan decided to go straight for Neilson. Both men have a history built in other places so it isn’t particularly surprising that he targeted him. I for one cannot wait to see what these men can do inside a Precision ring and hopefully you agree with me on that.”

Responding to Blade’s announcement of him being the man making all this possible, the crowd make their thanks for the Commissioner heard. He nods in appreciation for the crowd, however, this doesn’t last long as he is quickly interrupted by the man whose match ended in a no contest at Aftermath.

Slowly walking out to the sound of 2Chainz rapping the chorus of F**kin’ Problems, Caleb Lee walks out jigging to his theme. A look of disgust is all that can be seen on the facial expression of Blade who notices something in Caleb’s left hand. Holding the microphone in his right hand up in the air, Caleb is loving the crowd who are dancing to his theme. In his left hand is a paper cup seemingly filled with liquor that he takes a sip from. Before he can say anything, Tyson speaks up.

“What the hell are you doing out here, Caleb!”

Laughing at the stern question from the Commissioner, Caleb takes another sip from his drink. Stumbling around the stage in a drunken state, he answers.

“You were boring me, dawg. Thought I’d come out here and start a little party, y’know it’s difficult to vibe when all I can hear is you on all the TV’s backstage.”

Becoming more and more enraged with the Precision’s resident party boy, Blade tries to interrupt him before he embarrasses the company anymore, but Caleb says something else.

“Bruh, I was gonna’ say something else but I’ve lost it. Oh yeah! That was it! Yo, you need to give me another shot for that Intercontinental Title, making my match a no contest is some bullshit.”

After every word, Caleb attempts to articulate seems to anger Tyson even more. The two have had their problems backstage before because of Caleb’s constant drinking before his matches. Blade’s breathing is getting louder and his face is going visibly redder. In one simple phrase, everything comes crashing down for Caleb as Blade makes a rash decision.

“Caleb, you’re fired! Good luck in your future endeavors but I can promise you that you’ll never work for Precision again! Get him out of here!”

Five security guards walk from behind the curtain and grab Caleb. Carrying the intoxicated Caleb who shrugs his shoulders and takes another drink. Quickly being lifted into the air, Caleb drops his drink as the crowd boo the decision by the Commissioner.

“What the hell! That’s my drink, bitch!”

The camera fades to black and to commercial is Caleb is carried out of the arena and has been seemingly been fired from Precision for good.
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