Finlay Speaks On His Release, Sheamus/McIntyre, Future Plans

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Brooklyn, Apr 11, 2012.

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  1. Wrestling 101 has an interview up today with Fit Finlay:

    Some Quotes:

    On his release: I brought a little bit of disgrace to the company and if I was on the board I would have made the decision to sack me as well. Is it what it is and I have to just back and suffer the consequences and that?s fine.

    On Sheamus/Drew McIntyre: I know Sheamus and Drew McIntyre quite well, and the one downside for me is that they are quite heavily influenced by the American style of wrestling and the American way of life which is quite easy to get caught up in.

    Future plans: We are starting a new company in Japan with Tajiri and are just coming up with a name and are looking to start in May.
  2. Interesting read. How did he bring disgrace to the company though? I don't quite get what he means by Drew and Sheamus getting influenced by the american style of life, I'm assuming it's a negative. Hmm.
  3. I assume this from a while ago with the whole Miz / national anthem incident. The American style is probably all the bright lights and what not, these guys weren't really that big over here but now they're on TV and earning big money so the temptation is there to blow it all.
  4. I hear about this incident but I know nothing about it, can someone elaborate on it? Didn't Miz interrupt someone singing it and people were pissed?
  5. It was a house show with the national guard in presence, they were playing the national anthem. Finlay was backstage and told Miz to interrupt and cut a promo, this pissed off the national guard so to avoid the bad PR Vince fired the man responsible, Finlay. Just from memory but I think I've got it right.
  6. Was ridiculous he got fired for that. II'm sure somebody from outside WWE requested for him to be fired so they obliged. So fucking stupid.

    They should have praised him, it bores me to death listening to it.
  7. It could be seen as very disrespectful to the people who fight to defend their country, it was a very bad decision from a seasoned vet.
  8. Weird that that was a few seconds booking by Finlay, shouldn't things like that be talked over before a show?
  9. Lmao I would have rofl'd my tits off. Disrespectful or not, he's a heel, he's meant to be. Get over it is my opinion on the matter, but still, unwise of Finlay to put him in that situation anyway,
  10. Heel or not, Vince made a great decision because it would have affected them in a bad way if he didn't fire him.

    It's also good that Miz was not punished for listening to Finlay.
  11. True. Your sig = win.
  12. Aslong as he has learned from what he did and doesnt make the same mistake again then he should be in WWE for the long term
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