Finlay vs. Benoit (Judgement Day 2006) = Awesome

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Testify, Mar 31, 2013.

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  1. Watched it the other day, it just reminded of what and who kept me watching WWE for years. They're one of the main reasons. Just an outstanding battle. Go out of your way to download it from somewhere, I just found the highlights.

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  2. Seen it, <3ed it. Anything with Finlay or Benoit in dope so the both of them together = :fap:
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  3. <3 true

    I also watched Trips-Nash Hell in a Cell, it was good. *** match.
  4. Just watched it, great match. Reinforces why Benoit is one of my favorites and reminds me how great Finlay was. A lot of small things Finlay do that just make the whole match a lot better. Thanks for the recommendation.

    Have to disagree about Trips/Nash in the Cell, that's one of my least favorite matches. It's to this date the only match that actually put me to sleep. I still haven't seen those five or so minutes I slept through.
  5. Relive this match in glorious 240p with your mate Tom!
  6. Damnit ...Finaly was awesome back then.
    Amazing match,really enjoyed it
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  7. Yeah, It also put me asleep the first time I watched, but I rewatched it the other day, and thought it was nothing special or great, just a good match.
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