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While speaking to Sports Illustrated Now, Finn Balor was asked about the possibility of The Bullet Club reforming in WWE and indicated that he wasn’t really on-board with the idea right now.

“You know, for us as a group, especially myself and Karl, you know, two of the original members, that was you know, very, it was very much like a moment in time,” said Balor. “You know, to kind of like reform that now would be kind of like regressing like in our careers, maybe, so to speak. Maybe going forward in the future that could be a possibility but right now I think we’re both, you know, pretty happy doing our own thing.”

You can check out his remarks in the video embedded below:

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Chillin' with the snowmies.
While yeah, why not do it, this feels like major six sided ring syndrome.
Where the thoughts and fantasy booking possibilities of a Club reunion are SO MUCH BETTER than what would actually happen if they actually did reunite.
Please. Just let our brains wonder what could have been, instead of watching us not care after 2 weeks

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