News Rumor Finn Balor Injured At SummerSlam

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by CiV, Aug 22, 2016.

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    Source (Warning, PWInsider is the worst site ever): WWE MAY HAVE SUFFERED ANOTHER MAJOR INJURY BLOW AT SUMMERSLAM |

    New WWE Universal champion Finn Balor was injured during his Summerslam match against Seth Rollins, has confirmed.

    Sources indicate that Balor was sporting his right arm in a sling following the PPV. There is concern the injury is serious and could require surgery.

    In watching back the bout, Balor was grabbing briefly at his right shoulder after being nailed with a small package driver and did not raise the arm (which was holding the Universal championship) after the match.

    We are told Balor will be getting examined tomorrow and once WWE has a determination on exactly how serious the injury is, they will go from there. More as we get it.

    Balor is slated to appear on Good Morning America tomorrow at 8 AM Eastern.


    UPDATE: For those of you who are skeptical, here's a picture of Balor's shoulder after Rollins threw him into the barricade....
    Big Ass Image (open)
    It looks pretty legit to me.


    UPDATE #2 - posts article confirming Balor's injury

    Finn Bálor injured at SummerSlam

  2. Are you fucking serious?! What the shit...

    This is such a sad week

    :sheamful:poor fella can't hang
  4. Smells like a BS report. Not buying this one bit.
  5. Rollins wins the title tonight cause Balor won't be 'The Demon King!':ahhh:
  6. Wuss.
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  7. He did not raise the belt because he knew people would start booing. He may have gotten hurt, but not injured.
  8. I dunno man, this looks pretty bad to me....[​IMG]
  9. Idk, man. To me, it looks like he's just selling.
  10. WWE has confirmed it on their website
    Finn Bálor injured at SummerSlam

    Also I find it ironic that they ban the curb stomp but the buckle bomb has injured 2 people now
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  11. Look at his left shoulder tho...
  12. Banning the curb stomp isn't due to it being a dangerous move (its actually very safe), it was because its ridiculously easy for kids to recreate, and in a much less safe manner.
  13. Oh, shit. You're right, bro.

    Man, that sucks!
  14. Yeah it looks like they are gonna strip him of the belt and probably bring Roman back up to feud with Seth for it, my best guess
  15. Oh, man. Bummer.

    I was hoping this would end up being a BS report, but damn... It's legit and it sucks! Talk about a shit luck. Hoping he isn't out for long. Get well soon, Finn!
  16. Which is an even dumber reason. Cuz if a kid took a pedigree it'd be sooo much safer
  17. JBL Screw It.gif
    Well, it was nice while it lasted.

    If Stephanie starts calling Balor a B+ player I'm going to scream.
  18. Well it's not even about how dangerous it is, stomping on a kids head is a lot easier to do than setting up a pedigree. Plus I'm pretty sure stomping a kids face onto concrete is much worse than a pedigree.
  19. A pedigree could be just as fatal when done by some stupid kids who have no idea how the move should be performed. You hold the person arms back and jumping in the air and basically sitting on their head lol
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