Finn Balor is overrated

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Fuzion, Aug 4, 2016.

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  1. Everyone seems to love this guy and people say hes the future, hell no. Seth, Dean, Roman, Cesaro and Owens are the future, this guy is a good wrestler and not even good on the mic, I already see his fanboys complain "If he doesn't win at SummerSlam i'll be so mad!" he just came to the roster lol. Seth completely outspoke him on RAW and he can wrestle circles around him. I hope Seth pins his ass at SummerSlam. #TeamSeth Roman>Balor
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  2. He is almost similar to Roman Reigns in the sense that he needs to just be himself a little more and let his personality blend with his character. Speaking of characters he needs one. He's just the guy who excessively pops his collar and occasionally paints his body to resemble a Demon.
  3. People love him, so obviously he's overrated.
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  4. Most overrated guy on the roster... People love him because he wears clown makeup.
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  5. Balor could easily be part of the future just like those others. He already puts on great matches. Yes, he does need work on the mic, but so does Cesaro and you have him listed. It's not the like guy can't improve.

    (Quick side note: Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose (and arguably Roman Reigns) are already a big part of the main event picture. It's safe to say they're no longer "the future.")

    That's fanboys for you. I like both guys so I'd be happy with either outcome.

    Rollins definitely outspoke Balor, but I wouldn't say Rollins is THAT much better as a wrestler.

    Now you're just trolling.
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  6. He's not bad. But people are expecting a five star match machine which he isn't. Old Fergal is a very formulaic worker. He has his stuff that he knows he can do and he sticks to that. Nothing wrong with that, his matches end up fine 9 times out of 10 as a result. But he needs top level talent to work with to produce amazing matches.

    When he got signed he came out of just starting to move into the heavyweight position in New Japan, and working with a guy by the name of Hiroshi Tanahashi. Tanahashi is legitimately one of the best in the world, and during the 2013-14 time period could produce a five star in his sleep.

    And he does need to showcase more personality to truly be top level. That's my opinion at least.
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  7. I have never got the fuss about this guy ever since his early new japan days. Do not get me wrong he can have a good match but there is something he lacks, in terms of his work. Stopspot hit the nail on the head with that he sticks to a routine which I have always felt. Which is perfectly fine but I do feel other better wrestlers are capable of doing some unbelievable stuff and change it up and have clever ideas while still sticking to their routine. Plenty of other wrestlers with his style who are more engaging.
  8. This sounds like a troll thread, but balor is a top level talent. Very skilled in the ring, good enough on the mic, and has a good gimmick.

    You have him fighting guys like Seth at summerslam, you're going to have a 5 star type of matchup. He is the future of WWE just as dean, Seth, Roman, zayn, and Owens are.
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  9. People loved Too Cool, so whats your point? Were they overrated or they should of been 25 time tag champs?
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  10. Owens should've been the guy to beat Roman 10000%.
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  11. You said this in my thread that was very similar to this. Do you not know what overrated means?

    I honestly like the guy. He has a good look, wrestles good matches, has a unique gimmick he uses at special shows, and he's okay, but forgettable on the mic. And I did enjoy him winning on RAW, a few weeks back because it was a surprise. Roman Reigns was being touted by both the fans and WWE as the returning hero, but instead a guy who just shows up gets the book for the Main Event of SummerSlam. And that's both sweet and sour. If Roman Reigns got the #1 Contender spot, on his first night, people would've freaked and claimed it was Vince's Roid Boner that got Reigns booked into it. But the weird part is that Finn Balor was likely rallied for that spot by Triple H's Indie Boner. It's not like he does anything different than Reigns and other top stars. As Stopspot and Pop Tatari have said, he's just as formulaic as anyone else. And in many ways is just as uncomfortable on the mic. Seth Rollins did out-speak him, but that too isn't anything to brag about. Seth Rollins has spent years portraying the cocky heel gimmick, he's obviously gonna be better than a guy who hasn't had a real gimmick and spent most of his time in promotions and markets that lack an emphasis on speaking. Anyways, he sticks to his regiment, but busts out something different-yet-forgettable depending on the specialty. So what exactly is it that allows him to be automatically pushed into the main event of the 2nd biggest show, of the year, for the biggest title introduction in 13 years with no backlash?

    It's a double standard.
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  12. Prototypical vanilla midget
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  13. He's not really vanilla, though.
  14. From what I have seen he has dry charisma. It isn't bad but it isn't good, I would say it is better then Roman but not quite Ambrose (since we are doing Shield comparisons). Now as far as Rollins goes, he can out talk and out act Finn without a doubt but that does not mean Finn is a crappy entertainer.

    In ring, he is not bad at all but I think people are giving him more credit then what is due. I mean the guy can put on good matches, I have seen a few but he is not a consistent 10/10 match guy and he never will be. The people who think so are being biased.

    So to me, the dude is being over rated to an extent but he is still better then a chunk of the current roster, he is far from jobber material.
  15. Thank you for taking my posts and condensing it, into something that makes sense :angry: :mad2:
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  16. Not when you are first introduced to him he seems different. Then you watch him a few times and it's like huh that's it I guess
  17. I'm going to condense my foot up your arse if you don't watch it missy. :finger:

    (I didn't even read your post lololol)
  18. Yeah, I see what you mean, but that's really everyone in WWE. You can virtually call the spots before they even happen. Dean Ambrose has been doing the ricochet clothesline, suicide dive and elbow drop for years. Rollins has been doing the turnbuckle powerbomb, missed Phoenix Splash. Cena has been doing the springboard stunner, shuffle and shoulder tackle for a decade+.
  19. Prove it :tough:
  20. I've never seen Balor in wwe sans a few NXT matches. That was my take when he was prince devitt
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