News Finn Balor On Headlining WrestleMania, NXT Being WWE's Best Product, Working With Dusty Rhodes

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  1. WWE NXT Champion Finn Balor recently spoke with Sports Illustrated's Extra Mustard blog to promote the August 22nd NXT "Takeover: Brooklyn" event. The full interview can be found at this link. Below are highlights:

    His verbal skills being the biggest knock from WWE coaches and Dusty Rhodes:

    "Dusty would say, 'Finn, your work in the ring is up here, but you're talking is down here – you've got to balance them out.' He was always very straight to the point, and we had a great relationship together. I remember him saying one time, 'Prince, you know I heard them talking about you before you came in here, and goddamn, I thought Lou Thesz was gonna walk in that door the way they talk about your work.' I'll never forget that, and I was very lucky to work with Dusty. He helped me incredibly with my communication, as he called it, and I learned a lot of lessons with him. 'The Dream' was someone who filled me with confidence the first time I walked in the door."

    NXT being WWE's best product right now:

    "Right now, NXT is the main roster. NXT is the hottest thing in wrestling. I'm not in any hurry to go anywhere else but take NXT to the next level."

    Possibly main eventing WrestleMania one day:

    "I started wrestling fifteen years ago, and my goal was to have just one match. I had one match, and then I wanted to have two. Then I wanted to wrestle in Japan, and I wrestled in Japan for eight years. Then I wanted to wrestle in WWE. Here I am, a year later, as NXT champ. So I don't set long-term goals. The next goal is Brooklyn [against Kevin Owens at NXT Takeover]. But it wouldn't be too much of a stretch to think, in another fifteen years time, the odds are highly stacked in my favor about WrestleMania some day."


    He's probably right about NXT...
  2. I'm glad they're not rushing my boy to the main roster as they did with Owens. Finn sticking to NXT through the end of the year and maybe more is fine with me.

    As far as main eventing Mania goes... One can dream.
  3. No denying that it has worked out for KO, though.
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  4. The trick with Owens was the fact that you had an opportunity that led to a solid storyline for Owens. If that same concept happened with Balor and it led to him coming up permanently to the main roster (or doing a split gig like they have to some extent with Owens and the Divas), I'm okay with it. And they've booked Owens into a pretty interesting side-feud with Cesaro for the moment, so that's good as they have some terrific chemistry.

    My biggest concern is that I wouldn't want to see Balor (or any of the NXT talent outside of someone like Rhyno, for that matter) called up to the main roster for one match and then they have nothing new to do with him/her, so it's back down to NXT for another year or three. I'd prefer it that most of the talent that gets called up gets called up permanently (obviously injury rehab or characters just not working out would be exceptions).

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  5. I like what Balor said abut NXT being the main roster, that is true,they are already way more talented
  6. It's not the talent issue that the main roster has, it's the booking.
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