Finn Balor possibly injured

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  1. Finn Balor Suffers Injury at WWE NXT Live Event?

    Hopefully he's good.

    I personally feel like guys like Somoa Joe and Finn Balor should be bumped up to the main roster already. They are older so their time and bodies are more limited and should be showcased on the main stage. They obviously are way passed the developmental stage and have been Wrestling for +15 years. And it would give other guys that chance to headline NXT, plus NXT doesn't need their star power because it's an already established brand that has made it and people are gonna watch it and at this points marks are gonna love it regardless.
  2. :nooo:

    Hopefully he's okay.
  3. The amount of shows that NXT do now it was only a matter of time before more people started to get injured.
  4. So when will WWE start signing some of us just as warm bodies to put in the ring?
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  5. I wonder if we're gonna see a vacated title now
  6. Hopefully not.

    I mean, all episodes leading to TakeOver: Dallas have been taped in advance, so he's got about a month and a half to heal and be ready to defend the title against Samoa Joe.
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  7. I saw the news on

    This is definitely the apocalypse now...
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