Spoiler WrestleMania Finn Balor tease a match with the Legendary Deadman

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by ThePhenom97, Nov 13, 2018.

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  1. Finn Balor teased on his Instagram a Match with him as The Demon King vs The Undertaker.

    Me I am dying to see this happen. Most of all at WrestleMania.

    But knowing WWE they'll scrap anything we want to see and replace it with something we don't want to.

    They have been that for years.

    I think it's the perfect last match for Undertaker at WrestleMania. Perfect Passing of the Torch.

    Finn Balor even expressed how he was Honored that Taker helped him on his Demon King entrance.

    It's obvious that this match is too good to let it slide between your fingers.

    The segments, build, promos, posters, etc. it just gives me chills thinking about it.

    This match needs to happen before Taker retires. This match will push Balor and His Demon to the Stars

    What are your feelings on this?
  2. I don't think Finn has been booked well enough, to be considered a big threat to Undertaker. So I don't think he will be positioned in that role.

    Also I don't see a storyline other the fact Finn occasionally pretends to be a demon. I don't trust WWE to think of a storyline and build to this match. There's just nothing to work with other then the supernatural shit.

    As for the match quality...I don't think it would be that good.

    I wanna see Balor in a singles match at Mania tho.
  3. Actually I think he has. Not Finn himself of course, but the Demon King persona has been booked better than any other “supernatural “ sort of character has been. The Demon has done things similar to the Undertaker, no selling strong moves and seeming invulnerable at times. Especially when Finn lost several matches against Bray Wyatt but lost after the Demon no sold a move. And the way the Demon destroyed Corbin with what appeared to be little effort.

    They’ve gone enough in a direction here to establish an actual difference between the alter egos and I believe Demon against Undertaker would make sense.
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  4. Yeah...

    I'm still waiting for Finn to get his win back over Kane...

    I'm still pissed about that bullshit squash after TLC last year...
    and as much as I like Demon Balor...unless he's going over...
    keep him the fuck away from the Undertaker.

    The last thing he needs is to be defeated on the biggest
    possible stage by a guy who can barely move anymore.

    I'm sorry...I respect Mark Calaway & all he's done...but
    its time for him to retire...and he should at least put the
    Demon over on his way out.
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    That's what I'm saying.

    If he was able to help Balor with his Demon entrance. I think he would'nt mind helping to put him and his Demon gimmick over

    I hate to say they should let Kane leave and be Mayor.

    Because Kane has lost a lot of luster.

    Finn don't really need to waste his time with Kane.

    Sorry Kane..

    Undertaker putting Finn over is Better
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  6. Both Finn and the Demon need to have a character.

    Finn had a great gladiator character arc, until they ruined it by trying to put Roman over.
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  7. No...

    We need "Corporate" Kane as the GM of SDL...


    And the only real option...


    Which is a fate many, many wrestlers have suffered in the last 4 years.
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  8. Now it's been said HBK don't want to do another match. That will boost the Finn Balor and Undertaker match a Level on the possibility scale.

    Only unnecessary match I think that is in the way is Cena and Taker.

    If That's taken out then that leaves Strowman and Balor. The only Necessary two to face Undertaker at WrestleMania.
  9. Demon Finn Balor and Undertaker in hell in a cell at Mania! Book it creative! On a more serious note I think a HIAC with these two would be awesome if booked properly and could suit both their gimmicks. I'd have Finn winning cause I agree with the passing the torch down to a younger guy. Cause as much as we hate to say it we don't know how many matches Taker's got left in him.
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  10. Finn Balor is just boring. Get a personality
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  11. Agree with the comment above finn should be with the Cruiserweights on 205!!!
  12. 10 years ago 'Taker and Moden Demon Balor would put on a Showcase.

    Now not so much. Undertaker is struggling in the ring now and way past his prime. This is fantasy booking and just a pipedream. Undertaker will wrestle for sure but highly doubt it's against Balor. If they did go down this route it will be overhyped and underwhelming and will probably leave a sour taste.

    Plus cba with 27minutes of entrances.
  13. Dont wanna see Taker face a cruiserweight tbh
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  14. I could see it working if Finn had been pushed and used correctly with a good build. But this is not the case at all, also Taker is waaaayyy too washed up... He is too old.

    His last tag match with shawn was painful to watch and Finn has been booked as a boring bland wrestler who is good but doesn't have anything to deliver.
  15. Finn Should be on 205 live he Sucks.........