Finn Balor vs Kevin Owens Predictions - July 4

Discussion in 'NXT' started by FaieZ, Jul 1, 2015.

  1. I believe that Finn Balor will beat Kevin Owens for the NXT Championship and then Kevin Owens will beat Cena for the US title.

    I'll have to go with Balor, he'll probably be on a main event in WWE PPVs later on in his career.
  2. I'm 100% sure Bálor will defeat KO
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  3. Finn is winning, I think.
  4. And KO will totally make up for that loss by defeating Cena for the US title (at either Battleground or SummerSlam)
  5. I concur with what I'm seeing from everybody else. I, too, think Balor will take the NXT Championship. I think Balor's a future WWE main-event-level player. I think Owens will turn around and take Cena's US Title.

    It's almost too predictable (except Balor as a main eventer for WWE...that's not assured or anything), but predictable's not always a bad thing, even in pro wrestling. In this case, predictable is actually good because it's what makes the most sense.

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  6. Pretty much everyone is seeing Balor winning.
  7. I'm grouped with everyone else. I see Finn winning the belt from Kevin Owens, then going for Cena for the United States championship. Though if Owens did keep the belt, that would be a nice surprise. Could see him feuding with Samoa Joe and losing it there, though I would prefer if Kevin was moved to the main roster and out of NXT by now. So dropping the NXT title for the sooner would be best in my opinion.
  8. After he drops the NXT title to Balor (assuming that's what happens, as most fans seem to expect), I can see Owens winning the US Title from Cena and Samoa Joe making his main roster debut to challenge Owens for the US Championship.

  9. Breeze wins
  10. A beauty contest?
  11. Wait...I thought Breeze was ratchit (sp?).

  12. KO's reign as NXT champion will come to a Finnish. :smirk2:
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  13. A Finnish what?:shock:

  14. I C what u did there, m8. :bischoff:
  15. Kevin Owens is going to kick that clowns ass. Hopefully he beats him up so bad he stays in Japan, where he should of stayed all along.
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  16. Finn Balor beaten him! He is now the new NXT Champion! Finally, that was the best match I seen from KO and Finn.
  17. It was a very good match.

    It should have been the main event.

    Fujinami coming out afterwards was golden.

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