Spoiler Finn Balor will be WWE Universal Champion

Discussion in 'RAW' started by SWAGSUKE, Jul 26, 2016.

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  1. New Era off to a hot start.

    I always hoped Finn would just debut at the top of the card. He is. He's going to be the first WWE Universal Champion, which clearly trumps the f*** out of the World belt. Who wants a WORLD title when you can be CHAMPION OF THE UNIVERSE?!

    Who's ready for this?! Are any of us TRULY ready? lol
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  2. im ready
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  3. That dude looked like a STAR from the second he showed up on camera last night.
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  4. Yeah, and his first match was excellent, I understand he isn't everyones cup of tea and his move set isn't as diverse, but hes a young kid for fucksake. He will be here for a long time hopefully and he will be great, at the end of the day, I see him as being the champ for a long time at some point, and multiple champion.
  5. IM READY and hey? Even if Finn loses... It's gonna be Seth! So either way we just win for getting this match fuck yesssss.
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  6. Slow your horses people. Let's not get ahead of ourselves here.

    The guy already got put over huge. But winning the belt on his first try? They are not THAT high on him.

    He's 35. A year younger than Randy Orton and with over a decade of experience.

    Not exactly a "young kid"
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  7. Vince probably is because Finn is Irish and the fans love him :vince3:
  8. If we are using the Vince stereotypes Balor is about a foot and a half too short and 100 lbs too light to be a top star.

    Gary Strydom he is not
  9. Rollins is winning. No way they're going to upstage their current top star for a future top-star. He will be involved in the title scene, in one way or another, for the rest of the year, and he might even win the title. But he isn't winning the title on his first try, at the second biggest show of the year against RAW's biggest star.
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  10. Eh never say never. I could see them doing it just because alot of people are expecting a rollins win since he was the #1 pick. Wouldn't that truly be a shock?
  11. Wow I'm younger than he is. Guess I'm a youngster too :woo1:
  12. I've never heard of this guy until last night, but i'm pretty sure he'll be fed to Rollins and he'll take control of RAW.
  13. This is the New Era. Finn Balor becoming the first ever WWE Universal Champion right after The Shield had their little swan song main event program is exactly what's on the menu.

    You same guys saying that shit won't happen probably would've been sitting there saying he wouldn't win the Fatal 4 Way or go CLEAN over Roman Reigns in the same night. He did it though. Finn is the centerpiece of Raw now, and it's gonna be that way for a long time. Strap in.
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  14. I think him winning the title on his first main roster PPV would be huge, and too good to be true.

    But, Rollins is going to win, I reckon. He may not win clean as a sheet, but he'll win.

    The only way I can see Finn winning is if they do a double turn, with Gallows and Anderson helping Finn, thus forming the long-awaited Bálor Club and Rollins is finally turned into a babyface. But, we'll see.
  15. You are hyping Finn up way too much. It's one thing being the center piece of NXT, and a completely different thing to be the center piece of RAW.

    And majority of the fans clamoring for Finn to win the belt are hypocrites considering majority of them are the same fans that claim that Roman got pushed too fast.

    Giving Finn the belt this quick would be way too fast.
  16. They're not doing it. Nor should they. I would be OK with them hotshotting Nakamura like this once he eventually goes up, though.
  17. I say while this is great exposure for Finn, wait a bit (although if he does win I will mark out hard). Just because he only made his debut on Raw yesterday! I mean, sure, unlike someone else that was pushed too soon, he proved he can be the main guy on a show for a long time, has experiance, and for the most part liked, give him some months to grow and develop his identity.

    I'm looking forward to seeing more of him, but not yet.
  18. Rollins is winning. I'm as much of a Finn Balor fan as anyone else, but the guy isn't at the stage where he can be the top champion on the flagship show. Hardcores know him, but a lot of the audience didn't know of him until last night.

    I think he'll be in the same position that Styles is in, they push him as best they can without giving him the championship and that's not a bad position to be in on your first year on the main roster.
  19. They may have pushed him beyond the moon on RAW last night but I doubt they go all the way and put the championship on him just yet. If they want him to be the top guy the first step is to re-introduce and further develop the character of Finn Balor. Besides, do really expect WWE to debut a new championship and give it to a relatively new face(not everyone watches NXT)?
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  20. That doubt is what will make it much more special when Finn holds that belt. How long before Gallows and Anderson join him for full on BALOR CLUB?

    It's a great time to be a fan.
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