Fire 5, Hire 5

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by William, Jun 9, 2012.

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  1. Basically fire 5 guys from TNA and Hire 5 to TNA. Who would you guys pick?

    Fire: Hulk Hogan, Robbie E, Robbie T, Mark Haskins and Doug Williams.

    Hire: Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, El Generico, Roderick Strong and Shelton Benjamin.
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  2. Fire: Kurt angle, Jeff Hardy, RVD, Bully Ray, Devon.

    So they can come back to WWE :gusta:

    hire: Undertaker, HHH, Jericho, Shawn Michaels, Kane.
  3. Fire:

    - Garett Bischoff
    - Bob Van Dam
    - Hernandez
    - Brooke Hogan (ffs)
    - Taz


    - El Generico
    - Briscoe Brothers
    - Sara Del Rey
    - Fit Finlay

    And will they just use Kash, Williams and Pope more, for Gods sake.:facepalm1:
  4. Fire:

    1.) Mike Tenay
    2.) Taz
    3.) Garrett Bischoff
    4.) Hernandez
    5.) Hulk Hogan (Just to save money. I don't hate him as much as most)


    Bobby Heenan (Color Commentator- GOAT. Pair him with Borash as the steady play by play guy. Anything is an upgrade over the commentary we get now)
    Briscoes- best tag team in wrestling IMO
    Steen- duh
    Generico- godsend for the X Division

    And as Testify said, utilize the Popes and Doug Williams of the world. Also Sting can replace Hogan as the GM in the role he had, because he doesn't need to be wrestling. I would have him be a little more even keel than he was before though, and not such a heel hater/face nut sucker.
  5. After reading yours D'Z, I added Taz to the fire list too, it's definitive. He plain sucks at whatever he does these days tbh.

    Heenan, however, isn't a good health, so dunno about him exactly.

    And agree about Hogan too, I'd maybe cut him for money savings, nothing else. I'd keep him though and try to save money elsewhere.
  6. I wasn't sure about Heenan's health. I know he's had some battles, but thought he was doing better. I just couldn't think of anyone else.. but they need to overhaul commentary in the worst way.
  7. They should have kept Desmond Wolfe for commentary, boy can talk.



    Robbie T
    Hulk Hogan

    Nigel McGuiness
  8. Fire:

    - Hogan
    - Tenay
    - Sting (inb4 hate)
    - Hernandez
    - Robbie E


    - Steen
    - Generico
    - Young Bucks
    - John Morrison
    - Paul fucking Heyman
  9. Didn't work out well last time. Didn't they ask for their release and then talk a bunch of shit on TNA when they left?
  10. Probably but tbf they were treated horribly, they tore it up against the guns then were dropped.
  11. They were booked like complete shit. They were rarely on TV, then suddenly were in the X Division, feuding against each other, the next week they were partners again, then they were feuding again..

    It was awful
  12. True that, remember the ultimate X with the guns? Plus the whole elevated ddt to injure Sabin's neck. It gave them a really reason to feud, rather just wanting the belt. They had some thing going on with Tara for a week or 2 as well didn't they?
  13. Of course I don't watch ROH, so I don't know of most of those guys outside of Steen. But here goes.

    -Garett Bischoff
    -Rob Terry
    -Mike Tenay
    -Hulk Hogan
    -Brooke Hogan

    -John Morrison (if they can book him right)
    -The Young Bucks (It was criminal the way they misused them)
    -Good Ol' JR (Letting him work for TNA would be perfect at this point)
    -The Uso's
    -Natalya (So many people just to get away from WWE)
  14. Fire: Hulk Hogan, Brooke Hogan, Bruce Pricktard (Spelling mistake intentional), Taz, Garret Bitchfuckfacekoff

    Hire: Kevin Steen, JoMo, Maryse, Re-hire Don "BUYTHISSTUFFATSTUPIDPRICESSOWECANGETRIDOFITNOW!" West, Goldberg (OR GIllberg)
  15. Everyone wants Steen lol.
  16. Adding Brooke and Garret to my fire list. Whilst we're at it, fire Eric from any influence backstage.
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  17. Who wouldn't want the best wrestler in the world at a bigger company?
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