Fire Arm Laws

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Roadster, Jul 4, 2014.

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  1. I'm profirearms in America, they're too ingrained in the culture to remove them. Like everything education and procedures are key. How many gun crimes are committed with legal firearms in America actually? I'd speculate it isn't too high.

    Over here they aren't a big thing so I would rather we avoid the situation in the USA.
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  2. Japan had 4 gun deaths last year

    the US has one every 40 seconds...
  3. Japan has a fantastic approach though don't they? I'll do some googling but I think you need to do refresher courses every 3 years or so with physcological analysis. Also ammo has to be stored seperately to the weapon.
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  4. It takes 5 years for immigrants if they are healthy, 3 for citizens once again if they are healthy. Why doesn't the US adopt this?
  5. This topic pops up every month it seems.

    Anyway, I'll post this here;

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  6. Obligatory link to my own thread on the subject

    I started to make this post in the thread where Crayo & Aids were discussing it, but I think it will be worthy of its own thread. I have for the most part, besides a few little quips here and there, avoided any and all topics about guns and American gun policies on this forum. It isn't because I don't like you all or think that your conversations or debates on the topic can't be intelligent, insightful, informative or anything like that. I generally read through the discussion and usually take something away from something that someone has said.

    I just feel like I feel the way I feel and it won't change the way anyone else thinks; so I have my beliefs and they are what they are. Generally the topic just ends with both sides banging their head against the wall wondering how the other side can think the way they do.


    I'll just start by saying that America has a problem. I think everyone, from the extremists on both sides: the tree hugging let's ban guns hippies and the redneck let's shoot it if it moves conservatives can agree on that.

    I'll continue by saying we have more than a gun problem. We have a problem with murders in general, which is what the pro-gun rights activists will be quick to point out in the defense of the good ol' honest gun totin' American.

    Actually to say that America has a murder problem would be a drastic understatement. In any given year in the United States you can expect upwards of 15,000+ murders to occur. How disturbing is that? In this country, the most spoiled ass motherfuckers on Earth, with life easier than anywhere else, and these fat fucks have nothing better to do than kill each other.

    And what is overwhelmingly an American's favorite way to kill another person?

    I won't spoil it for you

    You might say to me, but D'Z, the United States also has a very high population. Might those murder totals be inflated by the sheer number of people living in the country?

    I'm glad you asked. Last I checked there weren't all that many of us, only about 300,000,000 or so, but I will do you the solid of finding you some information more relevant to the topic at hand than simple murder totals.


    As you see, this shit isn't normal. A lot of people who might not like the idea of having more restrictive firearms laws like to think for some reason that it is. It certainly isn't. Also should I assume that it is a big coincidence that the countries with stricter gun control are at the very bottom of the list with bars that are barely visible while the United States, with our hand out guns like candy policies, is nearly off the charts?

    Do you know which country has the strictest gun control? Japan. Guess how many gun deaths they have a year? About 10. Again, just a big coincidence?

    It's not a coincidence. More guns = more homicides

    You want to know what it should be like to get a gun?

    If I went to a town hall meeting in the South and proposed even the first sentence of that quote I would probably be in danger of getting shot myself. Do I think that type of gun control is possible in the United States? Sadly no, not for the foreseeable future at least. The love of the gun is already way too ingrained in our culture. The idea of shooting someone is also glorified in certain parts of American culture. Of course I'm talking about gangs, the hip hop culture and the entire inner-city lifestyle that is a sad and harsh reality in so many of the larger urban cities across the country.

    The fact is, living in the United States you are 20 times more likely to be shot and killed than in other developed countries. We have horrific spree killers who shoot up malls, theaters, churches and worst of all schools on a regular basis. The vast majority of the times these mass spree shooters obtain their firearms legally.

    I hear the arguments that stricter gun control means people can't protect themselves. I have to ask, protect themselves of what? If you made a list of all deaths in the United States do you have any idea how far down you would have to go before you go to 'Killed by intruder during home invasion' ? It would be right under struck by lightning and shark attacks.

    Not to mention endless statistics have proven time and time again that you are more likely to be killed by your own gun during a home invasion than actually using the gun to in some way save your own life. But sadly the more likely and common scenario involves an accidental shooting and often times death of a family member, friend or even child. But we love our guns by god.

    Then you have the people who say "well if you ban guns you aren't taking them away from criminals! no sir! You are only taking them away from the honest, hard working Americans, who are now hapless against a nation of criminals who WILL have guns obtained through illegal means!"

    Sure. Criminals will still have guns. It would be incredibly hard to regulate (especially in the beginning) stricter gun laws for all of the reasons I mentioned before, the main one being the average American's stance on guns. It is almost like telling Americans baseball should be illegal. They just can't comprehend why that is.

    Just because it would be an uphill battle and an elongated process doesn't mean it isn't one that we should be starting. Everything isn't easy, and getting this country to a point where these bullshit shootings aren't the regular certainly wouldn't be that. But that isn't a reason to not try.

    First of all, you fucking ban all automatic weapons. No citizen needs them. If you want to shoot one, join the fucking military.

    But here is a fun fact most of you probably already know: Handguns are responsible for 90+% of the firearms deaths. But we can't ban good ol' hand guns, can we? Sadly we cannot, not at this point at least. Americans love their handguns. but it should be helluva time trying to obtain one. None of this show an ID and have a few spare bucks laying around bullshit that we have now.

    Gun control works. Idgaf what any redneck tries to tell you. Gun control leads to less homicides overall, and obviously firearms related homicides.

    It seems like common sense, but here is a chart to illustrate my point

    “The map overlays the map of firearm deaths above with gun control restrictions by state,” explains Florida. “It highlights states which have one of three gun control restrictions in place – assault weapons’ bans, trigger locks, or safe storage requirements. Firearm deaths are significantly lower in states with stricter gun control legislation. Though the sample sizes are small, we find substantial negative correlations between firearm deaths and states that ban assault weapons (-.45), require trigger locks (-.42), and mandate safe storage requirements for guns (-.48).”

    One last note which I just find sickening.. despite everything I've pointed out in this post Americans are actually wanting less gun control. Read that back if you need to. Less. Gun. Control.


    Shocking, no? I am embarrassed by my country quite a lot. I find so much of what we are and what we stand for to be a disappointing crock of shit that I'm saddened to see so many people gleefully stand by while pounding their red white and blue chests.

    But of all the shit about this country, the fact that the average citizen is so willing to turn a blind eye to this fucking massive problem just baffles me.

    We have the right to bare arms. But we don't fucking need it. We just think we do.

    I'm not proofreading that so if you don't like the spelling or grammatical errors you'll possibly come across, too damn bad. If I was rambling as bad as I think I was, deal with it.
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  7. That was really in-depth. Nice work.
  8. In America they need to stay, it is too late to outlaw them. So many guns are unregistered so that would leave people even more defenseless against criminals. I don't like guns at all but if it came down to it, I'd use one to protect the people I loved.

    We use gatoraid bottles to make meth in America ffs, you take guns away from the people wanting to defend themselves, you might as well sign their death certificate. We are violent people, and the pigs are among the worst of everyone. What we need to do is make the bureaucratic mother fuckers get a real job and do that shit part time, and see what happens when political science isn't a degree idiot's can use to get into congress, period.
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  10. Aids genuinely doesn't think more guns leads to more violent crimes. everyone pity him
  11. Ill think hard on that fact while my state keeps yours from going under.

    They are here, you're queer, and where I live guns aren't going anywhere. You want to live in a place without guns, move to Cornwall brother.
  12. None of what you've just said makes you any less wrong.
  13. I didn't think i'd have to prove myself right. How hard is it to find coke where you are? Extacy? The scratched out serial #'d guns are going to circulate and the only real difference between when you had the option to protect yourself as to what will happen when you have to depend on 911 calls and 11-15 minutes before help arrives is that the other person won't fear you being able to defend yourself.

    The only way you can remove guns entirely would to issue a state of martial law for 12-24 months minimum, eliminating your privacy and the need for warrants to be issued for police to enter your house, is that what you want? In a perfect world everyone criminal and otherwise would turn their guns in, but is that the world we live in?

    You want to keep your heard buried in the sand and talk about what would make the most sense on paper, d'z, that is your deal but I'm going to keep living in the real world. You eliminate guns there are always knives and the Anarchist's cookbook. If someone wants to rob you they will always find a way to try to gain an advantage, and if you want to be under the thumb of your local govt that is up to you brother, but i'll keep living in the world where good people are allowed to defend themselves. People who own guns are no criminals, and criminals don't always need guns.

    Also wtf are you going to do about hunting? I know you don't have much available land where you are, but a lot of people out here do it during the fall, using the meat to last through the winter? Additional permits and background checks might make it tougher to get guns - and i would be down with that - but those could do damage to people also. Bow hunting only? Weapon.
  14. stopped reading at "eliminate guns and there are knifes"

    well, to be totally honed I barely read any of it and that just stood out to me when I was skimming.

    no offense dude but I'm not reading anything from you I haven't seen 1000 times from others. a bunch of bull
  15. How would an additional background check cause damage?
  16. For hunters.
    Good debate d'z. We can just agree to disagree. I think your post is laughably full of shit and you think the same of mine, oh well.
  17. yea fuck stats and research my post is full of shit man you are right
  18. I skimmed through it tbh, I've heard the same liberal bs 100 times from people who have no interest in ever owning guns before.